Dark Energy Pre-Workout, What happened?

Dark Energy pre-workout

¿Dark Energy pre-workout? The human body has a few basic needs to function properly. Air, water, food, and sleep are all key components of our daily lives.

Imagine what would happen if we were deprived of any one of these things for an extended period of time? It would be disastrous! This is why we need to make sure that our bodies have the energy they need to get through life's daily demands.

Dark Matter pre-workout is sometimes misspelled as Dark Energy. In the past, Dark Energy pre-workout was considered one of the best stims on the market.

Is Dark Energy banned? Rumors have raided and will no longer be made or sold by its developers. They say the facility that produced Dark Energy has been raided, and it will no longer be made or sold.

Sources say this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future- we're left wondering what other options are out there for pre-workouts?

  1. What is Dark Energy pre-workout?
  2. Can I take Dark Energy pre-workout safely?
  3. Why is DMAA banned?
  4. What do pre-workout supplements do?
  5. Dark Energy pre-workout review
  6. Dark energy pre-workout composition
  7. Can I take pre-workouts every day?
  8. Conclusion

What is Dark Energy pre-workout?

What is Dark Energy pre-workout

Dark Energy pre-workout is not a dietary supplement, and the manufacturer marked it as a research product. It is a high stimulant pre-workout supplement that can help you get pumped up for the gym.

Magnitude Life Sciences was sold and produced to increase workout intensity and give your workouts an extra boost, no matter what time of day it may be!

The company’s infamous product contains many potent compounds, including the prohibited 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA).

Supposedly banned in 2013 after it was linked to serious side effects like a heart attack or death, DMAA has been rising back up due to its euphoric properties comparable with cocaine. Making this an even more dangerous substance than most other formulas on the market today.

After a few years of being out of the market, Dark Energy is back and better than ever. It has been revamped with fresher ingredients that are more potent in taste as well!

The hype around this product first started after it was banned many years ago. People risked getting caught to try some for themselves because they couldn't find any elsewhere.

Can I take Dark Energy pre-workout safely?

Can I take it safely?

DMAA and DMHA (popular pre-workout ingredient) are dangerous stimulants banned for years because they affect the central nervous system. They can also provide you a dangerous hardcore pre-workout.

They're in Dark Energy pre-workout supplement because they give you a boost similar to cocaine, but without the negative side effects like addiction or short-term memory loss.

Even if you've built up a tolerance for using other supplements with these ingredients before, how can anyone know what's really inside of Dark Energy?

Why is DMAA banned?

DMAA is a banned substance because it has no health benefits and can lead to high blood pressure, bleeding in the brain, psychiatric disorders, or even stroke. While its long-term safety hasn't been proven yet either, DMAA does have risks associated with use like these!

Among the reasons that are given for why DMAA is such an addictive substance are: It's not safe; there are potential mental side effects due to all of those stimulants, you're taking at once.

We don’t know how great this stuff really works (or what kind of dangers lurk under the surface); plus, it might actually be illegal, so using any more than necessary could get you into trouble down the road.

Why is dark energy pre-workout dangerous? Dark energy pre-workout is not for human consumption. It is full of stimulants that are illegal to sell and use as supplements. DMHA, the less controversial stimulator, in this case, has been labeled "unsafe" by the FDA with products containing it is considered adulterated.

What do pre-workout supplements do?

Pre-workout supplements give you energy for when you exercise. They are not considered dietary supplements, and they cannot help you to increase muscle mass.

Pre-workout supplements can increase your workout intensity safely if you don’t take a massive dose. They often come in pill or powder form, and they can contain caffeine, which is the main ingredient in most of them.

Some ingredients are good for your health, while others may not be healthy but still worth a shot if it means more stamina during workouts!

Dark Energy pre-workout review

I was trying to figure out which pre-workout supplement would work best for me. I read a couple of reviews on the product Dark Energy, and one of them mentioned how it gave him solid pumps with tingles up his arm. So that's what made me try to do my energy pre-workout review myself!

The first time I tried this brand, my energy levels were average at best. But when you look at the formula (400mg per scoop), you can understand why someone might find themselves lacking in comparison.

However, after hearing from multiple people about their experience with Dark Energy, not doing much for them either way. Some even say they felt no difference whatsoever or had bad side effects like headaches. It started making sense as to why mine wasn't too high.

I had a major disappointment with this product. It was recommended to me by someone who's been lifting for years and has experimented extensively, but I couldn't even last through my workout. Dark Energy didn’t give me the mood elevation others experience.

My tolerance is pretty high, so it never really phased me before I mixed reviews about certain supplements or ingredients in formulas like these. But after having such an awful experience the first time around, no amount of convincing will convince me again.

It's hard to find a workout supplement that isn't polarizing. Some say it boosts energy and focus, while others claim the exact opposite. The side effects are too much for them to handle.

Dark energy pre-workout composition

Dark energy pre-workout contains many staples in there, such as L-Citrulline at 6 grams and Beta-Alanine at 3.2grams but what stands out are the stims. It's not just a case of DMAA or DMHA here. Dark Energy has both! There is no other product that I've found on any shelf anywhere with this kind of combined stimulant power (some have tried to get close from time to time).

Dark energy pre-workout composition infography

Seeking out 200mg by itself would be difficult enough, let alone having it already mixed into your favorite flavor for an even more potent experience?

We also have in the Dark Energy pre-workout 400mg of caffeine anhydrous per scoop, which is definitely above average. Many pre-workout supplements contain 250 to 350mg for a single serving size. So you can classify this product as one that's perfect for stim junkie pre-workout with ingredients in there!

Dark Energy pre-workout also contains GABA ingredients. The brain's GABA receptor is responsible for the calming effects of this important neurotransmitter. It may also help to prevent seizures, which has made it a popular supplement in recent years!

The neural hormone called GABA attaches itself to proteins within your neurons and produces an exciting effect that we can use to treat stress or anxiety-related feelings. This property makes it useful during stressful situations, such as when you are about to give a big presentation at work.

Magnitude Life Science’s L-Citrulline Malate has been shown to move GABA through the blood-brain barrier and offer many of its benefits.

In 2014, Magnitude Life Science released its new line of supplements called Cognizant+. They claim that this product can deliver powerful cognitive enhancers for people who lead a more stressed life.

Their main ingredient is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), an amino acid known mainly for its ability as a calming agent in adults with anxiety disorders or insomnia and providing relief from muscle spasms caused by neurological conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease when taken orally. However, it has not yet proven effective enough at crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Can I take pre-workouts every day?

For those willing to wait for 3-4 weeks, a single daily dose of 3-6 grams may be best. This is the perfect option if you want to avoid side effects like bloating and gas which can come from taking too much at once or on an empty stomach.

The Dark Energy pre-workout is not for the faint of heart, as it can lead to some pretty intense side effects.

Dr. Do warns that people should know what they are getting into before trying this product out if they have a history with any medical condition or drug dependency. Taking too much could result in serious consequences such as vomiting, jitters, cramps, and high blood pressure. Even cardiac arrest!


Dark Energy pre-workout is a powerful supplement that gives you the boost you need to get through your workouts.

It’s not just about energy, though; it also has ingredients like L-Arginine and Beta-Alanine, which help increase blood flow for more strength and endurance.

We hope we could answer all of your questions about this exciting new product in our blog post today. Stay tuned for future posts on other topics as well!