How Can I Build Muscle like Dwayne Johnson? Diet and Workout Tips

Dwayne Johnson—also known as “The Rock”—is a world-famous actor and former professional wrestler. Johnson always remains keenly aware of his physical shape, and therefore I want to show you some of his tricks and workout routine.

Johnson is famous for action movie roles showcasing his super-muscular body. If you want to get shredded like him, there is no secret or shortcut to get that way. It’s all about diet and hard training.

This wealthy actor has a personal trainer, a nutritionist, doctors, and a team of specialists supporting him that  most of us cannot afford, but this is no excuse for improving ourselves according to our means.

So, what does the Rock eat in a typical day? How many calories does the Rock consume? How Can I Build Muscle like Dwayne Johnson? After researching my idol, here’s what I learned:

According to Muscle & Fitness magazine, Johnson’s diet is based on eating 5,930 daily calories divided into seven meals, plus some must-have supplements to maintain his physique. His primary protein source is cod, which is also low in calories yet rich in phosphorus and selenium.

What does The Rock Eat? Dwayne Johnson’s Diet

  1. First meal: 285 grams of cod, boiled or grilled; two whole boiled eggs; and two cups of oatmeal (can be taken by adding a little water and heating it in the microwave).
  2. Second meal: 230 grams of cod; 340 grams of boiled or baked sweet potato; and one cup of vegetables.
  3. Third meal: 230 grams of grilled chicken; two cups of white rice; and one cup of vegetables.
  4. Fourth meal: 230 grams of cod; two cups of rice; one cup of vegetables; and a spoonful of fish oil.
  5. Fifth meal: 230 grams of beef fillet; 340 grams of sweet potato, baked or boiled; and a spinach salad.
  6. Sixth meal: 285 grams of cod; two cups of rice; and a salad.
  7. Seventh meal: 30 grams of casein protein; an omelet of 10 egg whites; one cup of vegetables; and a tablespoon of fish oil.

 It is apparent that cod is abundant in Johnson’s diet, in addition to the fact that he is eating a ton of food.

According to research, this is because cod has high levels of the amino acid arginine, which is a vasodilator that increases energy and removes fatigue, among other benefits.

This diet is not suitable for everyone. It was adapted specifically for Johnson—the number of calories, and the types of foods are those which are suitable for his weight and height.

With this diet, he can build muscle and reduce fat at the same time.

To finish analyzing his diet, I want to remind you that aside from cod, The Rock eats many other nutritious foods.

Dwayne Johnson eats  seven meals a day, always looking to consume vegetables and protein-rich foods. He usually includes egg whites, chicken, fish, broccoli, and asparagus. He also eats rice, potatoes, and oatmeal to get energy for his workouts and keep growing.

The Rock knows that diet has great importance, which is why he emphasizes a great discipline in following it.

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Dwayne Johnson’s focus Workout

Dwayne Johnson workout

Do you want to know how Dwayne Johnson trains? The Rock is a very busy man, and he usually gets up very early to train while the sun is rising. He believes that this is the best time of the day for a focused and calm workout.

Dwayne Johnson’s workouts usually start with a 50-minute run on the treadmill. Before training each muscle group, he follows a split routine in which he exercises the major muscle groups once a weekexcept for the legs, which he works twice a week.

Most of his workouts last between 90 and 105 minutes, which is understandable since his workout’s volume is quite large.

The Rock prioritizes external loads over body weight exercises, meaning that he relies more on movements like bench presses instead of push-ups.

The breaks he takes between each set range from 60 to 90 seconds, and he generally works around 12 reps per set.

The Rock also prioritizes the “tri-sets”, which are series of three consecutive exercises of the same muscle group without any rest.

When it comes to training, Dwayne Johnson shares a series of principles:

Maintenance is for wimps

Even at 47 years old, he doesn’t train to maintain like many adults his age—he works out to progress.

It’s obvious that Johnson’s muscles aren’t going to grow like they did when he was 25, but he still works hard and doesn’t stop.

Compete against yourself

He goes to the gym with big headphones to isolate himself from everything. He listens to hardcore hip-hop and Metallica, but any music that motivates you is suitable for the gym.

Rev up your metabolism

Cardio may be boring, but he does it every day. Specifically, he says he does at least 30-35 minutes every morning.

Also, drink coffee in the mornings and lots of water, both of which speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Take your day off to another level

It is essential that one day out of the week you take a break from your diet and prioritize rest. Johnson has spoken openly about how his day off sometimes meant eating large amounts of pizza, brownies, pancakes, etc.

Remember that, when following a diet, it is advisable to include a cheat meal at least once a week.

This will help you become comfortable getting in and out of the routine of your diet.

Dwayne Johnson’s Weekly Workout Routine

Dwayne Johnson workout routine

Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine covers six days:

  • Monday includes a total of 23 sets splitting six exercises, and focuses mainly on the pecs.
  • Tuesday includes a total of 23 sets comprising seven exercises, and focuses primarily on the legs.
  • Wednesday includes 29 sets spread over eight exercises, and focuses on the abs and arms.
  • Thursday includes a total of 27 sets divided into seven exercises, and focuses mainly on the back.
  • Friday includes a total of 19 sets divided into five exercises, and focuses mostly on the shoulders.
  • Saturday includes a total of 23 sets split across seven exercises, and focuses mainly on the legs.
  • Sunday is when The Rock takes his rest.


This is The Rock’s workout routine. Although you can use it and get some results, you should adopt this into a routine designed for you in particular.

Your routine should focus on improving your weaknesses, exploiting your strengths, and correcting possible imbalances.

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