How to choose men's earrings: The definitive guide

How to choose men's earrings

Perhaps you are a man who does not wear earrings for fear of what others might say. Maybe you like them, but you don’t know if they’ll fit your style. If you’re thinking about expressing your personality and trying them out, you should know that male jewelry—especially earrings—is a growing trend in fashion. 

How should I choose my earrings? Well, don’t be afraid or feel bad about wearing earrings if that’s what you’re into.

There are many ways to wear men’s earrings. The only thing to remember is that wearing earrings should complement your look, not steal the attention away from the rest of your body.

Below, I’ll explain everything you need to know about how and when to wear them.

  1. Are earrings on men unprofessional?
  2. What earring looks best on a guy?
  3. How to wear an earring with the best style 
  4. How many earrings should I wear?
  5. Types of earrings for men
  6. Different styles of earring backs 
  7. What size earring should a guy wear?
  8. Can I sleep with my earrings?
  9. Can you wear earrings while working out?
  10. What earrings can you start with?
  11. How often should you change your earrings?
  12. Can a man wear women’s earrings?
  13. Which side do straight guys wear earrings?
  14. Conclusion

Are earrings on men unprofessional?

You should keep in mind that no earring is considered to be casual, formal, etc. But, this doesn’t mean you can wear any and all kinds to special occasions like business meetings or dinner parties. 

If you have to go to a job interview, you should stop to ask yourself if the employer would consider male earrings unprofessional

Remember that many people will not appreciate your sense of style in the same way you do. You must be strategic with your choices. So, if you have a job interview, you can’t arrive with a flashy gold earring. You must see which one fits best with the situation and your overall look.

There are other things you need to keep in mind.

You will not go unnoticed

What do aarrings say about a guy? The first thing I must say is that earrings make a person stand out. If you decide to wear them and you think nobody will notice, think again.

They make people turn around to look at you, or otherwise notice your jewelry. So, if you want to go unnoticed somewhere, forget about them.

They will make you look less formal

This is a critical point to keep in mind. Earrings, visible tattoos, or long hair will give your dress’s a less formal presentation. If you want to dress casually, they are perfect. But, you won’t accomplish your goal if you’re trying to look formal. There will be jobs that don’t mind you wearing earrings, but others just won’t accept that.

If you want to work as a lawyer, banker, accountant, notary, or in other contexts where formality is expected, do not consider wearing earrings. Even if it’s a little stud on the eyebrow or the ear, forget it. Trust me, I’ve been there.

However, if you want to work in a more informal setting, like tech, in entertainment, or nightlife, a well-placed earring can make you look even more creative.

Choose your earring placement wisely

The place you put your earring is also important. It does not give the same impression having a small stud in your ear as opposed to nose ring. If you remove it from your ear, this will be less noticeable than removing from your eyebrow. The hole will be much more visible.

Remember that the more eye-catching your earring is, the less formal your appearance will be.

What earring looks best on a guy?

What earrings look better on a guy?

How do you choose earrings according to the skin tone and shape ofyour face? Which earring style looks best on a guy? It’s essential to learn the answers to these questions before wearing the jewelry. 

In case you did not know, some colors can be a bad match for your skin tone. Avoid this mistake, so you do not attract the wrong type of attention.

Deciding according to your skin tone

What color earring goes with my skin tone? Follow this advice:

  • Clear skin: The best earrings are gold and silver. Avoid pink gold one, because it will draw attention to the pink in your skin.
  • Pale skin: This prevalent skin tone means you should stay away from yellow gold. Look for white gold or silver. It will look better with your skin tone.
  • Sallow skin: This type of skin tone is suited well by any color.
  • Dark skin: if your skin is dark tone, yellow gold will give you a more striking look with the contrast of your skin’s dark tones. The silver and white gold also work, but you will not look as sharp. 

Considering your face shape

How do I choose earrings to match my face? Follow this advice:

  • Elongated face: If you have an extended look, the type of earring that will fit best is a round shape.
  • Heart-shaped face: Your best option is straight ones, without curves (like expander simulators or piercings).
  • Square face: You should use round or curved earrings.
  • Round face: If your face is a bit round or oval-shaped, you should wear square ones.

How to wear an earring with the best style 

You have to consider that, just like the rest of your accessories, earrings must match your look. Because, if they don’t, it will be a disaster.

They have to match your outfit 

You have to make sure your earrings are a complement of your whole look.

You can choose from more colorful ones when wearing casual or modern clothes. When you wear formal wear or go to work, look for more subtle earrings.

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Always look for small earrings

Always remember that earrings should be proportional to your head size. My recommendation is that you look for smaller ones. If you are looking for large earrings, remember that they are heavy both physically and in terms of appearance.

Earring materials should match your style

Remember that, even though they are a small accessory, earrings should match the metal of the other accessories you wear.

How many earrings should I wear?

As you may have seen on TV or social media, many celebrities and influencers wear two earrings. Many celebrities also wear only one. The reality is that the decision is up to you, depending on your comfort and where you want go.

Also know that the earring’s style determines how many you can wear at once. If you wear a pair of small and dark earrings, they can look good at a party. Sometimes, a single gold earring gives the perfect touch to your look. If you like long or bulky earrings, it is not recommended to wear more than one.

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Types of earrings for men

Types of earrings

Those days when men who wanted to wear earrings had to rummage through women’s earrings are long gone. Should I wear earrings without a hole? Today there is a wide range of earrings, especially for them, with many styles to express themselves better. 

Magnetic Earrings

The magnetic earrings for men are very nice. They have magnets that make the earring stay in place, and they save your ears from needing to be pierced to wear them.

The application of the magnets does not hurt your ear. They are specially designed to hold together through the flesh. Don’t worry; they are not so strong that they can harm you; and they are straightforward to put on and take off, leaving no visible marks. This option is the perfect one to start experimenting with. 

Hoop earrings

Believe it or not, you can also wear hoop earrings, but you should remember that these should be a little subtle. Choose one that is a bit small and thin, and that doesn’t hang as much.

Snap-on earrings

You must keep in mind that this type of threaded earring—the famous “snaps”—is the best and safest option for beginners. These earrings tend to be very easy to wear, in addition to being very discreet and more versatile than other types. 

Fantasy Earrings

These types of fancy earrings are available in an almost infinite variety. There are so many shapes, from skulls and squares, to crosses and smiles. They are also available in magnetic and threaded styles, but they tend to be eye-catching, and are not ideal in a business or work environment.

Expander earrings

There is no mild relationship with this type of earring; either people love them or hate them. These earrings are cylindrical, and are inserted into a piercing hole with the sole purpose of expanding the hole. Many people do not like this type of look. 

Besides the fact that many don’t like it, it takes a lot of time and perseverance for the expansion to occur. Increasing the size of the hole can take months.

Clip-on earrings

This type of earring is just like its name says. You have to put the clip on your earlobe. Like the magnetic ones, this type of earring allows you to try the look without the need to pierce your ear. 

Extender simulator earrings

This type of earring is available in many varieties of colors, and almost always has a point at its end. They are not usually as exaggerated as dilators or expanders. 

Piercing-type earrings 

These earrings do not usually just accentuate your look; they are used mainly to decorate the body. Some are curved or horseshoe-shaped, others are straight; they are definitely a bolder option.

Stone Earrings

As you may know, pearls, diamonds, and colored gemstones look very beautiful in earrings. Although, you will usually see them more on women. They attract a lot of attention, and there is some chance that they shine to the extent that they take attention away from your face. If you are going to wear these types of earrings, make sure they are small.

Different styles of earring backs 

There are different earring closures styles. You choose the type according to your comfort and activity level.

  • Ear cuff with chain: This type is a unique closure. It has an earring at the top and then connects with a chain to a small threaded earring in the lower lobe. 
  • Ear threads: In this type, a chain goes through the hole. We recommend using this when the metal is cured. 
  • Clip: This is for those who like to wear earrings, yet do not want to pierce their lobe. It has a hinged clip that hooks onto the lobe, and thus holds the earring. 
  • Hook: As the name says, this back looks like a fishing hook. It goes through the piercing hole and is much easier to take off and put on.
  • Pin earrings: With these earrings, the pin has a hinged bar connected to a metal tab.
  • Screw on: These are the safest type, as their closure is screwed onto a bar. The only downside is that you need more time to put them on.
  • Butterfly: The most common type; their clasp has a butterfly shape, and it slides down to hold the earring.

What size earring should a guy wear?

Usually, earring holes are 18mm or 20mm in diameter; although threaded earrings are 20mm in size. When I talk about gauge, I mean the bar’s width, or a ring that goes through the hole. The bigger the gauge, the thinner the bar. 

Most holes are between 18 (1.2mm) to 20 (0.9mm) gauge. Standard threaded earrings are usually 20-gauge. The measure refers to the width of the bar or ring that passes through the piercing hole. It can be somewhat confusing because it works in reverse; the larger the gauge, the thinner the bar. A 22-gauge item is more narrow than an 18-gauge item, for example.

Can I sleep with my earrings?

That depends on the size of the earring and your comfort level. You must consider that, if it is a large earring and it gets caught in something while you sleep, it can damage or tear your earlobe. It is also imperative that you regularly clean your earrings and the piercing hole.

Can you wear earrings while working out?

My recommendation is that, if they are large or complicated rings, don’t take them to the gym. You may risk them getting caught on something and damaging your earlobe. Just cover them with a piece of tape, or remove them until you finish your workout.

What earrings can you start with?

A right earring for beginners is one that you don’t take off for at least five weeks, which is when the piercing heals. You should choose your earring very carefully, and choose a high-quality one that matches all clothing types, given that weeks-long time frame.

How often should you change your earrings?

When the hole in your earlobe heals correctly, you can change your earrings whenever you want, although it is advisable to change them often if you have sensitive skin. It is also essential to clean them frequently to keep the area healthy and free from irritation. 

Can a man wear women’s earrings?

Perforations are the same size in all genders; therefore, all earrings are for both genders. But of course, if you want to wear earrings with big rings and several diamonds, it depends on you and your comfort. 

Many styles of earrings are available, especially for men. These are designed in proportion to your body, and are much easier to combine with men’s clothes.

Which side do straight guys wear earrings?

Maybe thirty years ago, an earring meant something different. But today, wearing an earring in the right or left ear means absolutely nothing. In the 1980s, it was a common belief that men who wore one earring in their left ear were gay, while the right ear meant you were heterosexual.

Now, it’s just a matter of taste. Wear two earrings, wear only one, left or right ear; it’s as you please. 


In short, choosing the perfect earrings is a matter of personal taste and comfort. There are different types of earrings for men, and you can select them to your liking.

Always keep in mind that they should match your skin tone, the shape of your face, the style you wear that day, and the setting you’re in. There are several types you can choose from, so wear one that best suits you and makes your whole face attractive.