How should a man dress for winter? STYLE ESSENTIALS

Whether you care or not about fashion, how to dress appropriately in the winter is an issue we have to deal with every year. Thinking about those cold months that make us shiver, it’s still easy to look stylish while staying as warm as possible.

To dress well in winter, you should choose a good combination of fabrics from the inside out. Wear a good coat, sturdy boots or moccasins, a great sweater, and a scarf that highlights your overall look. Don’t forget to put together the right combination of tones and, of course, always have self-confidence—your attitude is critical to your style.

This article will show you how to layer with style, whether you’re headed to an appointment, a business meeting, for a walk in the park, or just a simple visit with a friend. Continue reading to learn the best tips for dressing in the winter. 

How men can dress well in winter (men)

How to dress in winter, male

Clothing is extremely important, because it helps us make an impact; style can determine people’s first impression of you.

Wear several layers of clothing that combine well

Layering is one of the upsides that winter brings, and you can take advantage of it to put together a warm yet cool outfit. Think of it like an artform, and play with your clothes to see which make the best combinations. The layers of clothing will also help you stay warmer.

Use a base layer first, a t-shirt, and underwear, of course. Then, you can put layers of shirts, vests, sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.

The trick is to arrange the layers from the thinnest to the thickest fabrics. Think about your clothes from the inside out, and never wear too many layers. That will limit your bodily range of motion. 

Layering also will allow you—when you get to a warmer place, or when the temperature rises—to take off some pieces and still look incredibly stylish.

Choose a suitable fabric

Some types of fabric are generally not cut out for the cold months of winter. They will not allow you to keep warmth around your body, nor will they make you look too good. I will tell you some of the best, most suitable fabric options you can use in the winter months.


Cotton is arguably the most natural fabric available, and it is also very easy to find. It is durable, so it will stay in your closet for many years. No matter how many times you wear or wash the garment, it will remain in good condition for a long time. In addition to this, it is easy to clean and iron.

For all this, I believe cotton is the perfect fabric for your base layer. It won’t keep you too warm, and it will also allow your skin to breathe and reduce sweat.


Leather has advantages in its durability and style. It is a fabric that will infuse a lot of elegance into your wardrobe. If you have an appointment of any significance, this is the ideal type of fabric for your jacket. It will make you look outstanding.

Leather is excellent for use as an outer garment, will protect you from the wind, and keep you warm.


Wool has been used in cold weather since ancient times, since it offers many benefits, including optimal thermal regulation. In winter, it will keep you warm at all times and provide you with maximum comfort. 

Wool is ideal for your middle layer, as even the most delicate wool garment will protect you from the chilling cold and make you look great.


Denim is one of the most popular fabrics in existence today—mostly because it suits nearly all of people’s needs. It will help you make a statement wherever you go and effortlessly look incredible.

This fabric is ideal for use as a middle or outer layer. It is perfect for a casual look during the day or at a small evening gathering.

We’ve talked now about the types of fabrics that will make you look better in the cold winter. 

But, to look incredibly good throughout this time of year, you need to know much more. Don’t worry, below are some more tips for you.

Wear a thick cardigan

Wearing a thick cardigan is a great alternative in winter

This garment is ideal for mildly cold weather, and will allow you to build an outfit with incredible style. 

In the past, cardigans were typically a light sweater that was not worn in the cold. Today, they can be found in a thicker and heavier fabric that protects us from moderately cold temperatures.

This piece of clothing gives you a touch of class and style that will make you look good at any occasion.

Always wear the right accessories

Accessories are essential items that you can never forget. Besides keeping you warm, they will make you look more sophisticated. Accessories include scarves, hats, and gloves.

These necessary items will protect those particular parts of your body that are usually annoyingly exposed to the cold.


Why gloves? They help to avoid excessive sweating, so don’t hesitate to include them in your wardrobe.

If you are involved in strenuous daily activities, choose lightweight gloves—although they should still be made well enough to keep your hands warm. Hands are one of the parts of the body that are most affected by cold, so you should always keep them warm.

Hat and scarf

How to dress in winter, male

Many people consider the head as one of the areas of the body that loses heat the quickest. Although this hasn’t necessarily been proven yet, it is not too much to include a hat in your wardrobe.

Scarves are a must in any stylish look during these winter days, as it gives the final touch to layered combinations. A scarf will make you look fantastic in any way you wear it, while keeping you warm. But remember, you have to make the right color choice given your overall outfit.

Next, I will mention some clothing choices that should never be missing from a good winter wardrobe. I assure you that, if you have these wherever you go, you will always look good, be the center of attention, and women will notice you.

Wear the right shoes

Though overlooked, footwear is a big key that will often bring your clothes to life. Most importantly, it will help you keep warm. However, it will can give you the perfect addition to the elegant, casual or sporty look you want to wear that day.

Did you know that many women see a man in a better light depending on the quality of his footwear?

Our primary winter advice is to wear boots. While wearing sneakers is often more comfortable, stylish boots will bring out your personality entirely and keep you completely protected from the cold. Of course, you should wear them according to your height:

If you are a tall man (5’10” and up), you can wear your jeans or inside the boots, and you will still look amazing. 

On the other hand, if you are a shorter man (less than 5’10”), I do not recommend wearing the jean tucked inside the boots. You will look smaller, with basically your legs trimmed.

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Choose an ideal coat

How to dress in winter, male

Obviously, a coat is of the utmost importance in winter. Therefore, you should always keep in mind which one fits your body type best and also which one fits your needs. In winter, the coat will always be the first thing that people will see on you, and so you should make as much of a positive impression as possible.

My advice is always to have a classic, timeless coat in your closet. These are the ones that never go out of fashion. But, you should look for these coats in neutral colors like gray, dark blue or black. These are those colors that will make you look manlier and more sensual, while matching well with everything.

Another option is to wear a more modern style of jacket. This type of jacket is often softer and lighter, but still warm enough and makes you look terrific.

Wear a vest

Yes, my friend, a vest worn correctly can give you an impressive presence and style. The vest is the best secret weapon of our winter wardrobe. These will look great under a shirt-type jacket; but, if it’s too cold, you can wear a thicker coat. By taking the coat off, you will be the center of attention with the right vest. 

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Choose the right hat

Earlier, I told you that hats are an accessory that you should always have for protection against the cold. I must clarify this: to look good, you cannot choose just any hat.

You could use something like earmuffs, or opt for a simple hat. If you want to look good, with more styled and masculine look, do not wear extravagant things on your head. They will detract from your personality.

Our recommendation is a wool cap with common, warm tones; this will exude masculinity.

Use a scarf that stands out from your coat

It would be best if you covered your neck with as much style as possible. On those cold days, a scarf is an essential piece of your look. It will make you appear both casual and elegant; simply, it will make you look better.

Our recommendation is to choose a neutral color, such as gray or blue. If you already wear a neutral-colored coat, wear a scarf that will brighten up your look and stand out. 

You should avoid neon colors, though; never includ these in your look. They don’t add any seriousness, elegance, or style.

Long underwear

This garment is essential. It will help warm you as a first layer, whether you are going out to work, play sports, or run errands. These undergarments are not the most elegant, but they will allow you to wear lighter clothes on top of them. 

Never forget long underwear in your winter closet, this way, you can cover your legs better, and you will wear them under either with jeans or pants.

Dont forget a good sweater (depending on the occasion)

Winter time allows you to play with different layers in your clothes. The important thing is to keep your body temperature warm.

That does not mean that you should choose an ugly and frumpy sweater, though. You should choose one that makes you look good and matches the clothes you are going to wear. 

There are so many different sweaters; you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs. You can go with a wool or classic fabric, a round neck or a v-neck. It all depends on your taste and whether you feel comfortable with this garment. Finally, always remember to blend the right combination of colors and styles. 

Suede moccasin

This particular type of footwear should be always in your closet. If you don’t like moccasins, well you should learn to like them. They go very well with winter clothes—you can combine them with almost any type of clothing.

Believe it or not, many women have a liking for men who wear moccasins. This footwear will make you look more attractive, elegant, and appealing to many women.

Moccasins can even be worn with dress pants, and give you a casual yet manly look. If the weather is rainy or snowing, leave them at home.

Wear your clothes with confidence

In this article, we talk about many different winter garments that are essential in your closet. You will have noticed that one’s image has become very important nowadays. So, we must know how to choose and combine our clothes well…a good look is worth a thousand words. 

You should also know that self-esteem is also a critical ingredient in looking good. The better you feel about what you are wearing, the more confident you will be.

Just know that no matter what clothes you wear, the most important thing is to wear them confidently. 

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Finally, I want to encourage you to learn and know your body. To dress a tall person as a short person doesn’t make sense. Not all of us will look good at the same things.

Remember that there are types of clothes for every occasion. You can’t go to a big, formal event in casual clothes. If you do, you will definitely make the wrong impression at the event. Still, it’s not just about having the right type of clothing. You have to know how to wear it, and especially what colors to combine.

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