How do guys get perfect eyebrows? What every man should know!

Unfortunately, a man’s eyebrows have traditionally been a very neglected area of his body. Letting them grow naturally was (and is still) very common, without giving much importance to how long or bushy they are. However, today eyebrows have starting getting the attention of many men, with some even grooming them almost to perfection. Do you want to know how to take care of your eyebrows? I’ll explain how:

If you are a man and want to have perfect eyebrows, you must keep them as natural as possible—be sure they are noticeably well-kept, but without manicuring them too much. If you wax them, it would be best if you moisturized your eyebrows to keep them healthy and to help the hair grow.

Eyebrows are an essential feature of the face that defines a person’s look, so you should always keep them nice by following the advice offered in this article. 

What are eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the hairy area located approximately 2 cm above the eye socket. They protect the eyes from sweat, rain and other external debris falling into them and irritating the eye.

They express your personality, emotions and, according to some studies, even signal narcissism if you aren’t careful. If you keep them well cared for, they will beautify your face.

What should a man’s eyebrows look like?

Male brows should maintain their natural shape, but also be cleaned and groomed to highlight them. To accomplish your most appealing eyebrow form, keep in mind their natural shape, the size of your eyes, and the shape of your face.

What to do with thick eyebrows, guys?

Several beauty tricks make your eyebrows look fuller, including brushing them without plucking them (you can trim them a bit to make them grow more robustly). It would help to also exfoliate their area with a toothbrush to remove dead skin and stimulate growth.

To finish this routine, I recommend giving circular massages to the area with a drop of olive oil.

How do I make my eyebrows thinner?

I recommend combing them and cuttin the hairs that stick out from the comb using small scissors. If you don’t feel confident doing this technique, try trimming your eyebrows very slowly and carefully. Don’t be embarrassed; most men over 40 use this method.

How do I shape my eyebrows?

The most common home-based ways to shape male eyebrows are tweezing and threading. Threading is a technique that is done with a silk or cotton thread. Tweezers are the most commonly used technique, however. I don’t recommend waxing due to the damage from pulling the skin, which can cause flaccidity.

Tips to know how to shape your eyebrows if you are a man 

How do guys get perfect eyebrows?

Study your features

The first step is to visit a specialist to assess how your eyebrows and face will look once groomed.

To keep them perfect, get feedback from a professional at an aesthetic center specializing in the design and eyebrow depilation.

Keep your eyebrows’ natural shape

You have to style your eyebrows in a manner as close as possible to your original look. Give them a broad and rectangular silhouette, because if you make them thin, it will look too feminine for you.

Keep the natural shape of your eyebrows, cleaning the hairs that stick out, especially the really unruly ones on the lower part of the brow, and then between them. The upper part of the eyebrow should remain as is, unless absolutely necessary.

Use an eyebrow template

Suppose you want a new shape; use a grooming set that contains an eyebrow comb, tweezers, scissors, and some templates. These templates will help you see how the new eyebrow form you want will look like before you trim.

Use a fine-point trimmer

To avoid errors when shaping, use a fine-tipped trimmer like you would a pencil to draw the new form.

Trim and comb your eyebrows

How do you trim your eyebrows if you are a man? If your eyebrow hair grows very fast and full, it is unnecessary to create a new shape. Just trimming it will usually be enough. For this, you have two ways to do it:

Use a trimmer

Try to use a precision trimmer, which achieves a very symmetrical finish. These combs have a guide that will protect you from errors and adjust the length as needed.

Use an eyebrow brush

How do you need to comb your eyebrows? If your eyebrows are very bushy, use a special eyebrow brush to style and shape them. Brows are combed primarily for hygiene and neatness. 

Take a fine comb through the hair from the eyebrow upwards, and make a straight cut above the eyebrows with small scissors. Then, style the eyebrows, put them back in their natural position, and check the results. It is best to comb them in this manner every week.

Use fixing gel

For some men, the eyebrow hairs are rebellious, very bushy, and they do not stay in place. Apply a small amount of eyebrow hair gel to them so that they are always well-groomed.

Use an eyebrow pencil

There are often eyebrow areas that lack hair. If that is your case, try to hide this spot with an eyebrow pencil that is a color tone similar to your natural eyebrows. You have to do it in the same direction as the origin of the eyebrows.

Trim the eyebrows

To cut the eyebrows, you must have a small comb and scissors. The next step is to comb them upwards to discover the hairs that have overgrown. Once you have identified those hairs, proceed to trim them. There may not be many hairs that stick out, but you will get the proper evenness with a few cuts.

Ink the gray hairs

If your eyebrows are already gray and don’t want them to show, you can dye them. Concerning the type of dye, it should be one specifically designed for the eyebrows. Never do it with the same hair dye used on the top of your head. The mess can be out of control.

After tinting, trim them because gray hair is longer and comes out unevenly. To paint the grays, apply the tinting with a brush. The dye can last between 5 or 6 weeks, depending on the tone you have used.

Smooth the eyebrows with moisturizing cream

To make the eyebrows smooth and stay in place for a long time, you can smooth them by regularly applying a little moisturizing cream.

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Be careful with external damage

Avoid solar radiation and other external damage from dust and sand, because the eyelashes’ life is shorter than the eyebrows. These tend to fall out every two and a half months.

Massage your eyebrows

With eyes closed, apply eye cream in large quantities. Make soft circular massages around the eyes but avoid stretching the skin. This massage stimulates the circulation; consequently, there will be hair growth and less wrinkles.

Apply Vaseline and oil

To avoid losing your eyebrows after waxing, try moisturizing them every night with Vaseline and coconut oil. With this remedy, you will see your eyebrows to grow enough hair. Also, apply a moisturizing cream containing aloe vera.

After the removal, apply a tonic

After depilation, apply a tonic to the eyebrows to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs. Take a cotton ball, place some tonic on it, and then apply it to the waxed area with small touches to tone it up.

The frequency to keep your eyebrows clean should be weekly. Another tip is not to go overboard with hair removal, especially if you use wax. Waxing affects the skin around them and can cause sagging, irritation, and various infections. The most recommended method is to remove them with a thread or tweezers.

Fix your eyebrows

To fix your eyebrows:

  1. Remove the hairs with a tweezer by placing your thumb vertically over the eyebrows.
  2. Remove what is left under the thumb.
  3. Finally, remove the long hairs one by one while looking at yourself in the mirror.

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Home remedies to take care of your eyebrows


After washing your face very well before going to sleep, spread some Vaseline on your eyebrows with your fingers. The next morning, carefully cleanse your face with warm water to remove any remaining Vaseline. By doing this regularly, you will have very moisturized eyebrows.

Castor oil

This oil is one of the best natural remedies to care for the eyebrows. That is due to its moisturizing properties promoting new growth where there is a lack of hair. To apply it, cover a cotton ball or cotton swab with castor oil. Place it around them; to have results, you must be consistent with this.

Olive Oil

If you want to keep your hair well hydrated, olive oil is another useful resource. Like other moisturizers, apply directly to the area with your fingers and gently massage. 


Chamomile is ideal for relaxing and nourishing hair in the eyebrow area. For results, soak a few cotton pieces in a chamomile infusion and place it over the entire eye area, including the eyebrows, for 15 minutes. Chamomile has antiseptic and relaxing properties that will benefit the eyebrow area.

Take care of your diet

To take care of your eyebrows from the inside, maintain a healthy diet where you include foods rich in:

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are abundant in dried fruits, nuts (especially almonds), and fatty fish like salmon.
  • Beta-carotenes. Eat papaya, pumpkin, and carrots. 
  • Red meat and fish. To keep your eyebrows healthy, you should also eat red meat, fish, and especially crustaceans, which are all high in iron.
  • Group B and C vitamins. Fruits, yellow vegetables, and seeds provide Vitamin C, magnesium, and beta-carotene. Other foods include animal viscera, milk, and yeast.
  • Zinc. You can find this mineral in meats, fish and asparagus, eggplant, celery, potatoes, and figs.
  • Magnesium. You can find magnesium in many vegetables (especially red peppers), mushrooms, nuts, and tangerines.

What shape should men’s eyebrows be? Types of eyebrow removal for men

Eyebrows according to your face, man

Oval faces = flat eyebrows

An oval-shaped face is one with very balanced proportions and high cheekbones. In this type of face structure, the chin is a little narrower than the forehead. If your face is oval, it is advisable to wear flat or straight eyebrows to make your face look more balanced and rounded. 

With this type of eyebrows, you have to take care of the area between them. Remove all the hair from this area so that there is more space, making the eyes look bigger. This style is also ideal for men with small eyes.

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Round face = angular eyebrows

A round face is characterized by full cheeks or cheekbones, with few angles. The features are equal in width and length. For balance to the roundness of your face, it is best to wear eyebrows that are angled. If this is the natural shape of yours, then don’t worry.

If not, you will have to make a bow. However, the arch you are going to draw should not be very pronounced. If the arch is too pronounced, it will detract from the masculinity of your face. The angle should be smooth and natural. This is also ideal for men who have a small forehead.

Heart-shaped face = slightly curved eyebrows

The heart-shaped face tends to have a broad forehead, with equally wide and high cheekbones. Also, the area towards the chin is narrower, and the jawline is the same slim shape.

The person with this type of face benefits from eyebrows with an angle and curve. If this is the case, the job of touching them up and smoothing out the lines and curves is more simple. If you want to emphasize these features more, you can emphasize the length a little without exaggerating.

Square faces = round eyebrows

A square face has strong jawlines, a square chin, and a broad forehead—its length and features are proportional. Rounder eyebrows suit men with wider foreheads and large eyes. 

If you want to have round eyebrows, make sure the eyebrow is aligned with the frontal bone by thinning its ends. It is important to note that you cannot give it a very round and thin shape, because this style is suitable for women.

Elongated face = straight eyebrows

For an elongated face shape, the ideal eyebrows are straight and full. To achieve this shape, you should only pluck the eyebrow’s final (i.e. closest to the center of the forehead) area, where there is always an abundance of hair. Tweeze a little bit, and you will unblock the natural arch of the eyebrow. It will be useful to use an eyebrow brush to mark them before performing this hair removal.

Face with eyes very close together

The key to groom the eyebrows on this type of face is to trim them very well. Without a doubt, you should almost completely depilate this area.

Small face

The small face requires a waxing of eyebrows to thin them, but without waxing too much off. If you do so, it will detract from your masculine features.


In conclusion, we can tell you that the key to caring for your eyebrows is not to go to extremes. It is best if you never let them look thick and unkempt, but also neither should you groom them to be perfectly (and unnaturally) delineated. Skinny ones are intended for women, not men.  

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