How to seduce a woman, 13 secrets you don’t know

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How to be more attractive to women is something that most all men ask themselves at least once in their lives. This concern can be fraught with challenges and confusion, and it is commonly thought that understanding women is not an easy task. Many even believe it is impossible to understand them or their preferences in a mate. The reality is, though, that you only need to know how to get and maintain their attention and win their hearts.

I decided to do research, interview successful men who attract women, and also survey the preferences of many women. Here is what I learned:

If you want to attract a woman, it is essential to take care of your appearance. Logically, women believe that a man who does not care for himself will not take care of his partner. In addition to physical appearances, women are generally more attracted to intelligent, polite, and confident men that listen to them.

Trying to increase our attractiveness can be a major challenge, because understanding a woman is not easy. Many men even think it is impossible to understand them and their likes, so why try. The reality is that you must improve your outer and inner self to get their attention and win over their heart.

Below, I will describe how you can be more attractive to women depending on their age. With these tips, you will succeed.

How can you be more attractive to women of various ages?

The main thing you should think about is your own age. Of course, women change their romantic interests as they get older and more mature. They look for new things, adventures or merely a person who gives them emotional stability.

How can I attract a younger woman?

How can I attract a younger woman?

How can you attract a woman younger than you? Adolescence or early adulthood is a difficult time for any person. On top of that, younger women are dealing with complicated hormonal changes and are learning to know themselves. Many younger women are likely influenced by that “perfect” man they see in the movies—his defiant tone, 6-foot height, handsome charm, and maturity.

They are looking for someone they can idealize, a man who is very popular and respected by peers. In reality, at this age, the women don’t care if you are a good lover or not. They are looking for rebellion, to idealize a romantic partner, and looking to live out that love movie

How do you attract a woman younger than 30? 

At this stage in women’s lives, what they are looking for in a man changes dramatically. This is when their adulthood really begins. Their ways of seeing life changes, they begin to take on new and increased responsibilities, and they no longer idealize that perfect Hollywood man from the big screen.

At this stage, they don’t exclusively look for an alpha male. They look for companionship and good times. Good sex is essential at this stage because it will feed the spirit and give life to the relationship. Of course, you can’t overlook having lots of fun; this is the “living life”—the period during which personal satisfaction is a fundamental aspect.

Importantly, women also begin to value a man’s intellectual strength at this stage, in addition to the desire that he has for achieving long-term life goals. That is why, for a woman nearing her 30s, it is a man’s personality that has the most influence.

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How to attract a woman in their 30?

Once a woman reaches her 30s, she already has greater responsibilities than she did in her younger years. They want gradual changes, not many wild adventures, and MORE STABILITY. In her earlier years, the man’s physique played the most important role in her attraction. Physical attractiveness has at that time perhaps the leading role in women’s lives.

At this stage though, the most vital and relevant role is MATURITY. Simply put, at this point in life, women don’t want to feel like they’re dealing with a child. Women at this age want a man who:

  • Makes them feel safe
  • Knows what they want
  • Keeps everything in mind
  • Doesn’t have any doubts about their relationship

Enough of those quick flings, women over 30 want someone who is grown up. They don’t want to worry about useless tears.

They are looking for deeper attraction and rapport, to start building a life with good company, and to do so without any fear. At this stage, men with low emotional intelligence will not garner any interest.

How do you attract a woman over 40?

How can I seduce a woman over 40?

Do you want to know how to attract a woman over 40, who’s older than you?

Here is where the terrain gets a little complicated because you can find a woman who has never been married or find a woman who has left a marriage. The latter may tend to be overly demanding in many ways. Remember, all roses use their thorns to protect themselves and not get hurt.

At this stage, women know very well what they want, to the point where there are no internal doubts. Women at this age clearly know what they like and what they hate.

The world of mistrust has entered into their lives before you got there; you must fight to win her. Also, many women at this age have usually suffered through toxic relationships.

After you have established a stable and quiet relationship, do not forget to feed the flames. A woman in her 40s will still be sexually active; remember that.

How to attract a woman?

How to seduce a woman?

We have already opened a vast panorama for you to learn what women of different ages may want in a partner. But what traits are they looking for? How can you capture their attention more by acquiring these qualities? 

They want a man who is willing.

This begs the question: willing to do what? Women want a man who is ready to step up to their level. They want you to treat them fairly and equally. Women want their partners to be able to keep the flame of passion burning in the relationship.

On the first dates or meet-ups, there are characteristics that women tend to evaluate silently. It is like a trial period. Among these characteristics are:

  • Your moral integrity
  • Your sensitivity
  • How you behave regarding intimacy

She has to see you as a man of integrity

Why moral integrity? Because this is where mutual respect comes from. Consideration and integrity are fundamental pillars in a relationship, and are things that undoubtedly every woman desires from a mature man.

A woman treated with respect will feel loved, comfortable, and safe with the man she chooses.

She must see your sensitivity.

Why is sensitivity important? Many men consider sensitivity something that exposes them, makes them look less manly or renders them vulnerable to being take advantage of. Well, it’s just the opposite, guys. If you allow a woman to see your sensitive side, she will feel a deeper level of love.

Women look to a man for this type of understanding, empathy, and compassion. She will see you as a protector both inside and outside the home, and as the best man in the world.

Dont treat her as a sex toy.

Depending on the situation and the woman, the desire to have sexual relations may be frequent or infrequent. That is why you should not make everything about sex; it comes and it goes. Just because you do her a favor or give her a nice gift, that does not mean you will have sex later. Women do not want you to treat them as sexual objects.

Sexual activities are meant to please one another. Every woman looks for a man who knows how to sexually satisfy her, and who makes her sexual connection healthier. They are not looking for a GOD OF SEX. A woman has needs, yes. But, she also wants to learn herself, not be afraid to ask for what she likes best and how to do to what brings her maximum pleasure.

Dont think shes just going to look at your physique.

If you thought a good physique is all you need to attract women’s attention, well, you are way off the mark. Everyone notices a sexy shape, a strong body, a friendly smile or beautiful eyes, but these are not the essential thing you need. To be most attractive to a woman, you need the complete package: to be a gallant and macho, but also to be gentlemanly.

We men base our attraction mainly on the physical. We shouldn’t deny this guys, it’s the truth. While we are very visually oriented, women want to fall in love with the complete package stimulating all their senses.

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Try your best on the first dates.

Those first few outings are when you must make a difference and grab their attention. That’s when decisions on attraction are made, so you need to hit a home run here.

It’s during these first few outings that women pay close attention to everything about you. So, you should strive to make all her senses fall for you. You should be very aware of what she likes and what she doesn’t like. If you get this right and act on that knowledge, she will see you as the man for her.

Next, I will leave you with some other tips that you use in order to be much more attractive to a woman.

Dont forget to trust yourself.

Trusting yourself is something you can’t forget, even for a second. A woman is fascinated by a man who is sure of himself, who doesn’t hesitate to make decisions and, because of that, makes her feel confident. If you don’t have that security within yourself, she won’t feel protected.

That is something to remember: women generally see a man as a protector, even if they don’t admit it sometimes because of pride.

On top of assuredness, it is also essential to have charisma. If you have a great personality with these qualities, women will find you irresistible.

Take care of your presentation and ODOR.

This is undoubtedly one of the essential things. You must look presentable and smell good around a woman. By this, I don’t mean that you should go out and buy expensive, brand name clothes, or wear the most luxurious perfume. But, you do have to make a dynamite first impression by being a well-groomed, fresh-smelling man.

Clean appearances show that you value yourself and that you like to look good. You want the woman to notice that you took your time to get dressed up, to get cleaned up, and look good just for her. That will make her feel important, unique and, most importantly, attracted.

Be kind and caring

Almost all men have a certain roughness about them, and many women could like this. But, be careful with your words, lest any of them offend her.

You must always remember that you are with a woman, and they want to be with a warm, attentive and caring man.

You must make her feel comfortable by your side—do not just look for your own comfort. 

Sense of humor 

This isn’t rocket science, but it will always work. Being funny certainly makes you much more attractive to a woman. If you make her laugh, she will enjoy spending time with you.

Of course, you shouldn’t force the issue and look for jokes on the Internet or something like that. A woman wants genuineness and naturalness. Let everything flow smoothly. Be witty with a comment, or tell a vivid story from your past that might make her laugh. 

Sometimes a simple joke that causes you some embarrassment can make her laugh.

Brain gentlemen, brain

Believe it or not, intelligence is your best asset. Women will see that you are not only attractive, but your mind is also sexy. With your intellect, you will always capture a woman’s attention.

By this, I don’t mean that you need three degrees, or be a professor. Women always enjoy learning new things—whether telling them about a new club open in the area, teaching them what you do at work, or just stuff about the sport you love.

It would be best to keep in mind that every day you can learn something new. You should study several topics that can open up a lot of conversation, so that there is never an uncomfortable moment with her.

Be considerate, and learn how to listen.

Women tend to be much more emotional than men. Therefore, a man who knows how to listen will captivate them. A woman can talk calmly for hours, even more so if they have a problem that nags her.

They want to be listened to actively, so that you have a comment of encouragement in the moment or a meaningful response to what she just said.

As far as being considerate, this doesn’t mean that you will buy her a house or give her a trip to Dubai after the second date. Being considerate means showing her that you care. For example:

  • If at any point she tells you that she loves some flower, try to bring her that flower on the next date.
  • During conversation, if she says that chocolate reminds her of her childhood or some nice moment, find that candy and surprise her.

That will make her feel like you are taking her feelings into account; a considerate man is very sexy to a woman.

Be balanced in any situation

Women like to go out with someone they can take anywhere; someone who doesn’t just say no because they don’t feel like it. A woman wants to go out with a man who can feel comfortable in any situation.

When we talk about balance, we mean living a balanced lifestyle that can give everything a priority, especially for the woman they love. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t have time to even text.


In short, you must learn women, since, depending on their age, not all of them have the same interests. You must also learn to value yourself and love yourself, so that they know you know how to love.

Remember, they want to be valued, treated with respect, they want someone who listens to them, smells good, and has an excellent presentation. With all this, you know that more than your physique is necessary to attract women. If you want more, much more, you should follow all these tips above.

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