How can I become the bad boy every girl wants? 9 Tips

How can I become a bad boy? This is a typical question that more than a few of us ask. Since due to most movies—and even in everyday life—we have developed thoughts that girls always want a bad boy.

The truth is that this is not reality. It’s true that some women like some evil, mystery, and mischief. That doesn’t mean that we can say that they are looking for a bad boy, meaning someone who will mistreat them or hurt them. When you are in a relationship, you must be very careful with this. But then, how can I be a bad boy? Next, I will explain how:

To be a bad boy, you must speak your mind without compromise, and you must be brave, confident, assertive and dominant. By acting this way, everyone will respect you and your personality. A bad boy is a magnet for women, because no one dares to mess with him; everyone respects him.

It would be best if you learned how to be that type of bad boy that girls like. It’s not that hard, you only have to learn a few things really; bad boy status isn’t as complicated as it may seem. That’s why I decided to do this article, and I will give you much-needed tips.

The first thing I will do is explain the differences between a bad boy and a good boy; here they are:

What is a bad boy?

What is a bad boy?

When we speak of a bad boy, we refer to a man who doesn’t need to appear to be handsome. There is no apparent need because he already is; he exudes a natural masculinity. A bad boy has an interesting and engaging personality, which usually makes women curious to know more about them.

What about the attitude? To be clear, a bad boy does not look for a girl who drives him crazy and makes him swoon—it usually happens the other way around. The girls are the ones who look for him, talk to him and get to know him.

For this to happen, you must have many qualities of male attraction and ruggedness. These are the things that impact a woman, and make you irresistible.

What does it mean to be a good boy?

When women refer to a man being a good guy, they mean a typical guy who lives the same as everyone else, and he has no imagination. When he goes to woo a girl, he does the most cliché things, says the same phrases, gives the same gifts. He does what everyone expects, like sending flowers or chocolates, among other things.

These things are nice but boring. When a good guy likes a girl, he doesn’t just go for her, but instead places himself on the waiting list with his other rivals. He sits around, waiting for her to one day notice him. That allows her the chance to reject him whenever she feels like it, and this is not ideal; there must be a balance of power.

  • The typical good guy is the one who puts the girl he likes on a pedestal.
  • He drastically wants to show her that he is a polite man, and that he would do anything for her.
  • A good guy usually looks for the girl until he is tired and exhausted, which is not the right thing to do. Sometimes, without realizing it, they are tiring the girl out, and pushing her out of reach. 

So, you can get a clear idea of what it is to be a bad boy, and what is the mistake that most men make when they always try to be the good guy. 

But you still need to know how to be a bad boy, and I’ll explain that better here. 

How to be a badass? 

How to be a badass

Behave like a real man

First and foremost, you must be a man and behave like one. That is the main thing; you must have your own time, dreams and plans. You don’t have to like everything that she wants. Don’t be afraid to say no to something just because it seems to please her.

You should feel as secure as possible about yourself, your tastes, and beliefs. That is derived more from being natural and transparent. 

Become the center of your world

Always remember this, you must be happy; everything after you is in the background. The best thing you can do is to make yourself your highest priority.

That is important, because everyone will judge you according to the way you treat yourself. If you give yourself a lot of importance, women will see you as important. 

Never sacrifice your image or essence when you pursue a romantic interest; it’s a big mistake. If the girl is not interested, just accept that you tried. If nothing happens, it wasn’t meant to be. Let her go. 

Stop worrying so much about everything

There is nothing less attractive than a person who is stressed out about absolutely everything. Keep in mind that the true bad boys don’t care about the small things. They don’t give themselves unnecessary stress and a lousy life for anything. They are always sure to have everything under control. 

Stop asking for permission

If you don’t want to be a good guy, you should stop asking for approval for every little thing. A bad boy doesn’t wait for a sign of permission to do something before acting, which makes him look decisive and confident. Do what you think is best and be determined; you may be surprised with the results.

Have opinions, make decisions, take initiative, and have confidence in yourself. This is not bad, don’t be anyone’s pushover. 

Always lead like a man

Lead, and don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do or where to go. If you are with a group and they are unable to make a decision, make the decision yourself. Be a natural leader, don’t be a blind follower. This way, you take control of your life. 

Be honest and transparent 

This point is essential, as this is one of the main reasons why girls love bad boys. Most girls appreciate the honesty in your intentions, so don’t beat around the bush. 

Be an independent man

Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t need anyone else around. A bad boy indeed feels good having other people around him, but they must not feel dependent on them. You have to give yourself happiness. This implies that you should not make your relationship your sole priority or source of joy. 

Love and value yourself

You must value yourself, and it is important that you admire and love yourself. The first thing you must remember is that a bad boy is such because he knows his worth. He loves himself, cares about himself, and values himself more than anyone else in the world. 

A bad boy is confident that there is no one better than him. Therefore, he doesn’t care what others say or think about him. Respect yourself before you seek the respect of others. 

You must be emotionally strong

A bad boy is strong physically, but much stronger emotionally. That is fundamental to being a bad boy. You must be very resilient both physically and emotionally. You must be as firm as a rock. As a man, you must be a unshakeable pillar for your partner, all your family, and your friends.

You must be a pillar your partner knows that they can trust and address their stress.

Don’t worry so much when things don’t go as you expect. Try to make things change for the better, don’t get depressed, and always look for the positive things you can take out of the situation.

Those are the main characteristics you must have if you want to be a bad boy. They are not very difficult, but it will take some time to adopt in your own personal ways.

Next, I will make a list of the best eight ways to become a real bad boy.

How to stop being a good boy?

This list will make you a real bad boy, and not have any need to invest money in that process. Remember, bad boys appear like that natural. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, here are some techniques:

Be self-confident

This, again, is undoubtedly the first step in how to be a bad boy. Self-confidence is one of the essential characteristics of a bad boy. A tough man has confidence in himself, and with that confidence he has the power to solve any problem.

This confidence allows them to talk to women and engage in conversation without hesitation or fear. 

Have an open mind

This is a must if you want to be a bad boy. By open-minded, I mean to avoid having rigid and preconceived ideas. It would be best to accept things that are out of the ordinary, or different from what we are usually taught.

You must not seek to stay only with what you know, and you must always learn new things. Still, you must have your analysis and independent conclusions on any subject. That consists of having knowledge that you can share socially, and thus be more intriguing.

Be riskier

By being risky, I mean looking at life differently; looking at it as if you were the winner of the world’s biggest contest. Imagine that you play for Barcelona or Real Madrid, and you win the championship.

Bet on yourself, on a better future, and don’t let fear stop you from doing something. 

You must have a penetrating look

How to look as a bad boy

You may not believe it, but one of the main characteristics of a bad boy is the way he looks. Think that you must use your look as if it were a weapon that impacts any woman when you look at her closely.

You may think it’s stupid and pointless, but it’s not. You have to do a just a few little things to get noticed in seconds: 

  • When you see the woman coming, walk slowly and look to your sides.
  • When she is closer to you, look from her feet to her face.
  • Please don’t take your eyes off her until her eyes cross your eyes.
  • Never look down. It will take away your confidence.
  • Smile as you look into her eyes.

You must have great self-esteem

The truth is that a bad boy must love himself. Love yourself like no one else is around. Have confidence in yourself and in what you can achieve; always think that you can succeed. Your self-esteem and love for yourself will give you the security you need when you go to get a girl. 

Be always calm and very cautious

Bad guys always tend to have a very calm and relaxed personality, looking to get away from crowds. They also look for places where few people are, so they can talk better, think better, or sometimes just be alone. 

Remember that a bad boy is not one who seeks attention; he does not seek to be noticed. It would be best if you had a more serious personality, which generates curiosity from women. 

Be a mentally mature guy

Always seek to be a mature man. Remember that to be mature is to know how to make the right decisions and face the problems that inevitably arise. It would be best if you also accepted responsibility for your mistakes when you make them. This is one of the best characteristics, and it begins when you start to take your life seriously. 

A bad boy is good in bed and has a very daring look 

By this, I mean that you should satisfy a woman well. Try new and pleasant things in bed, know how to explore your girl in every corner, and stimulate her sexually. Do not think only of your pleasure. These actions will hook her forever. You will live in her mind, and you will have no comparison with anyone. Having a bold, unique look is ideal; you should not copy anyone’s style. The best thing is to be an original, and always have a pleasing aroma.


In short, we know that being a bad boy is not to mistreat a woman and believe you are worth much more than she is. Being a bad boy is a matter of confidence, attitude, and maturity. Be a responsible man who doesn’t care to be noticed.

Finally, you must have a penetrating look, know about many subjects, and be able to talk to a woman without fear. But above all, love yourself and learn how to treat a woman properly both in bed and out of it.

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