How to build chemistry with a woman

How to build chemistry with a woman? Having chemistry with women is one of the most important steps to winning them over. Developing chemistry with the woman you like is not easy, but there are ways to get there.

The chemistry between a woman and a man does not only mean sexual attraction. Good chemistry between the sexes means connecting with the other person on all levels. When this connection exists, the couple supports, understands, and accepts one another as they are.

To women, a good first impression has a lot to do with chemistry. How you look, how you speak, how you look at her; all of that has a significant influence.

At the same time, some women do not believe in chemistry, and thus do not give it much importance. But you should seek it regardless, so that a woman feels wanted.

In this article, I will teach you how to build chemistry with a woman in the best way. I will also help you to learn the signs that there is chemistry between two people. 

How to know if there is chemistry between a man and a woman?

An obvious sign of chemistry is when our pupils dilate:

The dilation of our pupils is an telltale sign of chemistry, because it is an innate reaction whenever we see something that we are attracted to and love. When we are very attracted to something, our pupils dilate and let more light into the lower part of the eye. This dilation allows us to look more clearly at the other person. 

How to build chemistry with a woman

How to build chemistry with a woman

Feel comfortable

Feeling comfortable is one of the first, essential steps when building chemistry with a woman. This is because the better we feel about ourselves, the better impression of us that women will have. 

The biggest mistake is to look like someone we are not, and look obviously uncomfortable with it. A woman will notice this quickly. Stop wearing expensive, tight clothes and cramped shoes to impress her; the woman will see your discomfort. You have to feel confident and authentic with her. Otherwise, she may think your problem is with her. The more comfortable you feel, the less nervous you will be in front of your woman.

Look her in the eyes

When you talk to a woman, you should keep consistent eye contact, stare at her mouth or any other part of her body. That is awkward, and she will notice it. When you look a woman in the eyes, she will feel that you are listening to her. The main reason to look a woman in the eyes is that she will recognize that you respect her, and chemistry will begin to build. When you look at a woman’s figure, she will get uncomfortable when she talks to you.

Smile at her and laugh with her

For women, a smile can be the most significant cause of chemistry, and it can even make their day. When we smile, it is a universal reflection of inner well-being and comfort. In other words, it’s a sign that we feel good around that person. 

So, by smiling regularly around your woman, you will trigger the most potent and natural chemistry connection that can exist. With your smile, you can make her fall in love. 

Be mindful of your words

When you want to have chemistry with a woman, you must take care of what you say when you are with them. 

The best thing you can do is focus on her, her words, and her overall vibe. Chemistry is started at first sight, but it is grown by kind words and being gentle with her. The woman will give you clues when she wants to take the next step together; just be patient. Do not make pushy comments out of place, because this will ruin things. 

Maintain interest in her

A sign of chemistry is staying interested in the woman, constantly thinking about her. True chemistry causes you to desire her even unconsciously, think about her without first realizing it, and you wishing to see her. 

Women will notice such interest in them, and will attribute it to the chemistry betweenyou both. Remember that women love small details, that they are constantly interested in them. 

Try to have a good conversation

When there is good chemistry with a woman, you can have a deep, prolonged conversation without any problem. She will feel safe with you, and you will lose track of time, which is a sign that you’re very comfortable. Look for conversation topics and just let things flow; don’t force anything. If you run out of words, just smile at her and ask her any question. 

Don’t look for perfect phrases

Don’t try to be something you are not, looking for the perfect phrases in every conversation. You have to be unique, yet feel comfortable. When you are looking to build good chemistry and force your conversation, it will sound fake, and you will not achieve desired chemistry. Be as natural as possible, but also be careful to avoid inappropriate comments. 

Look for common interests with her

The best way to have chemistry with a woman is to look for shared interests. When you know your woman’s interests, you can connect them to yours. This will help you get to know each other better, and you will start to bond over your interests. Sharing interests will create good chemistry and allow you to get much closer. 

Seek physical contact

One of the best ways to develop chemistry with a woman is to have some respectful physical contact. This do not always refer to the sexual aspects. Rather, an ideal physical contact can be caressing her arm with your hand. You can try to kiss her cheek or her hand, when appropriate. This will show her that you respect and appreciate her, and chemistry will grow in a significant way.

You must have admiration for her

You must have a certain degree of admiration for the person you are looking to have chemistry with. That level of respect that you have for that person will lead you to imitate them at times, without even realizing it.

Soon, you may take on the actions or habits of that person, or you will say a word that they always say. That’s what chemistry is all about: that we subconsciously keep that special person in mind. An easy way to demonstrate that is, when you walk next to your woman, you try to match steps with her. Imitation is flattery. 

You must have empathy

When you are looking to have good chemistry with a woman, you should know that empathy plays an important role. When we effectively empathize with a woman, we can better understand her thoughts, words, and actions.

That woman’s emotions are essential to her, and therefore you should give those feelings the same degree of importance. To be empathetic is to pay attention to what she says, how she says it, and put yourself in her place tounderstand her. 

You must be sincere 

Sincerity plays an important role when we want to have good chemistry with a woman. If you are nervous, you should tell her about it; be honest. Openness about how excited you are to see her, talk to her, and look at her can be the best builders of chemistry. 

Women value sincerity in men a lot. They like a man who is transparent. Try to talk to her calmly about things that go through your mind. Don’t be afraid if you are nervous; she will understand. Women are more empathetic in general. 

Take a clean handkerchief with you wherever you go

Maybe this sounds crazy and old-fashioned, but it works. To boost chemistry, always carry a clean handkerchief. Women look at everything you have with you when you go out in public; so, carrying a handkerchief is a cool detail. It should be a clean and ironed handkerchief. 

Just imagine, you are out with her, and she sneezes suddenly. You pull out that handkerchief to give it to her, and she will love it. You will be the gentleman they have always dreamed of, and the chemistry will grow in a big way.

Go beyond a simple greeting 

You should try to move beyond a simple greeting. Sometimes, it is better for you to be the one to approach her with your phone number or email address, instead of asking for hers. Different approachssometimes lead to success.

In case she is the one who gives you her phone number, don’t wait for many days to pass before contacting her. The best thing to do is to show your interest and call her the next day. Plan to see her in a cafe (or a similar place with no alcohol) for your first meeting. You can be sure that, if she gave you her number, she is waiting for your call. So, do not make her wait.

Put aside phony appearances

When you want to have chemistry with a woman, creating a false appearance of being something you are not is perhaps the worst mistake you can make. When you go to meet your woman, you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. You have to be as natural as possible, relaxed, confident, and attentive. 

If you are going through a bad time in your life, then stay at home. If you’re not good within yourself, it’s best not to try and date a woman. You might ruin the chemistry with an ugly or harsh first impression. 

Think of the right words

Think carefully about the words you will say when you are with her. Talks are excellent ways to build good chemistry. Through them, you will know the things you both have in common. But, it is essential that you always think before you speak. This will prevent undesirable words coming out of your mouth. Women are very detailed and observant. Try not to talk in a hurried, anxious way; it’s just a simple chat. 

There must be trust between both of you

When you are looking to have good chemistry with a woman, there must be trust between the two of you. But, for a woman to have confidence in you, you must earn it, and that is not such an easy thing to do. 

For this, you must combine all the tips we told you above, especially being empathetic and sincere. As you learn more about your woman and your chemistry increases, it will be easier to gain her trust. You have to become her biggest confidant, her best friend, her partner, her safe haven. This way, she will feel that you understand her, and there will be lasting chemistry.


In summary, to develop chemistry with a woman, you must try to be your genuine self. It would be best if you did not pretend to be someone else; she will notice this right away. 

Also, commit to being much more empathetic and attentive to them; and you should always look her in the eyes. She will feel listened to and, above all, respected when you pay attention to her words this way. Finally, always remember to think before you speak.

Medically reviewed and approved by Clinical Psychologist Luzmery Romero

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