How can you get rid of a double chin fast? 7 Tips that you don’t know!

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The double chin (or jowls) doesn’t do our face’s appearance any favors, making us look older and usually accompanying obesity. 

After a thorough investigation, this is what I found out:

To quickly eliminate your jowl, the toxins accumulated under the chin must be removed. Do this by maintaining a nutritious diet, performing a facial exercise routine and improving the skins hydration to provide more elasticity, firmness and to prevent sagging. 

To help you eliminate that unwanted double chin, this article will show you why it develops, some tricks to avoid it, and easy ways to reduce its appearance. You will also learn the facial exercises you should practice, and some simple home remedies to treat it.

What is a double chin?

A double chin is a fat accumulation under the skin that hangs on the lower part of the chin, forming a visible wrinkle. It occurs mostly in older, overweight people, but can also happen to thin and younger people due to the jaw’s sagging or underdevelopment.

What causes a double chin?

Many factors—either together or individually—determine the development of jowls. Among them is a genetic predisposition; you may have parents with double chins. Another factor is obesity, which causes a more significant presence of the double chin.

Obesity also causes flaccidity and lack of muscle tone in the face.

Rapid weight gain or loss, lack of muscle exercise, and habits that damage the skin also trigger the growth of jowls. 

If you are over 30 years old, your hormones begin to behave differently, accumulating fat in the lower chin area. Also, smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise are harmful habits responsible for double chins.

How to get rid of a double chin fast 

how to get rid of a double chin fast overnight

There are many solutions to avoid and reduce double chins

Stay at a healthy weight

Maintain a healthy weight, and prevent excessive accumulation of fat in the body. If you are overweight, try to lose weight naturally and stay at your ideal weight.

Beware of miracle diets

Avoid miracle diets, full stop. This type of diet is usually followed by a rebound effect that damages skin tissues. These rebounds promote flaccidity and loss of tone in the body.

Do facial exercises

Perform facial exercises to generate more neck muscle tone and reduce the double chin’s appearance.

Use firming cream

Apply firming cream to the area where you want to prevent jowls. If you already have a double chin, use moisturizing creams with a lipolytic effect to help reduce the chin.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Avoid alcohol and tobacco; when you smoke excessively and drink alcohol, it damages the skin. Cigarette smoking affects the skin tissues, while drinking alcohol in excess causes fat accumulation.

Eat healthy food and drink water

Drink enough water and eat a balanced diet. It’s simple. This prevents excess fat from being stored in the body, benefits your skin and tissues, and strengthens its facial structure.

Maintain regular physical activity

Regular exercise helps combat fat accumulation and maintain healthy body weight. It also helps to avoid flabby skin, in addition to toning our bodies.

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What exercises can eliminate my double chin?

To reduce the jowls, you must be consistent with various facial exercises targeting the jaw and neck muscles. For these exercises to have visible effects, continue them for a few months or even make them permanent habits.

1) Jaw movement

  • Make movements with the lower jaw to warm up the muscles, moving it back and forth. Also, to the right and left. 
  • These movements should be smooth, and not jerky. 
  • Repeat them 8 to 10 times.

2) Exercise with the lower lip

  • With your mouth open, stick your lower lip to your lower teeth, as if you were filling your mouth with water using only your lower jaw. 
  • Then, lower your head and perform the movement as if you were filling your mouth with water, raising your head again. 
  • We recommend you relax the lips. You have to repeat this exercise between 5 and 7 times.

3) Tongue to Nose Exercise

  • Jowls appear when the mylohyoid muscle weakens, so stick out your tongue as much as possible to avoid this. 
  • Then, try to reach with the tip of your tongue to the end of your nose.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times.

4) Pulling out the jaw with a neck twist

  • To perform this exercise, turn your head to the left until you feel tension in your neck muscles. 
  • Then, move your lower jaw forward; you should feel the muscles on the left side tighten.
  • Repeat with the other side. 
  • Do this 5 times on each side

5) Chin to chest exercise

  • Stick your chin to your chest, and then turn your head gently to the right.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds and then turn to the left. 
  • Do 5 repetitions on each side.

6) Giraffe exercise

  • Lift your head, move your jaw slightly forward, sticking out your lips as if you were reaching for a giraffe to kiss it.
  • With proper technique, you should feel the tension in your neck. 
  • This position will last between 5 and 8 seconds, with a frequency of 5 repetitions.

7) Press your jaw against your fists

  • Place your two fists under your jaw, then start lowering your bottom jaw and overcoming the resistance of your fists.
  • You will need to tighten your muscles.
  • Gradually increase this pressure force. Do little by little until you reach the maximum tension.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds.
  • Thenm relax the muscles for another 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times.

8) Fill the mouth with air

  • Fill your mouth with air, and squeeze your lips to keep the air out.
  • Then, press with your cheeks in such a way that you feel tension in the muscles.
  • Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Release the air and relax your cheeks. 
  • You will repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times. 

9) Clenching your teeth with your tongue on the palate

  • Clench your teeth and try to pull them as far sideways as possible.
  • Then, press with the tip of your tongue on your palate and gradually increase the force of pressure.
  • If you are doing them correctly, you will feel tension in the chin muscles. 
  • Hold this tension for five seconds, then relax your jaw.
  • Repeat this exercise between 5 and 8 times.

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Cosmetic procedures to get rid of a double chin

Jowl radio frequency

This technique is used to firm up the skin, increase elasticity, and eliminate flaccidity. The overall result is a reduction in the volume of the jowls. This technique restructures skin collagen, forms new collagen and improves the skin’s circulation, all producing greater oxygenation.

Radio frequency emits electromagnetic heat waves which reach the deepest layers of the skin, dissolving the fat accumulated in the area. It also produces collagen, making the skin tighter and demonstrating better muscle definition.

There are two types of radio frequency: 

  • Bipolar, which causes heat in all areas of the targeted skin.
  • Unipolar, which penetrates the most resonant surface of the skin, or the dermis. 

The radiofrequency treatments require an interval of 72 hours between them. Your skin’s characteristics will determine the number of sessions. Generally, it takes one to two sessions per week to see results.

This technique is recommended for people between the ages of 30 and 50 with moderately sized jowls. Radio frequency treatment is not sufficient for serious jowls, or older people. Its effects are not permanent, and it may be necessary to undergo the sessions again after a couple of years.

Jowl liposuction

This is a simple operation that removes the fat located in the submental region in order to define the neck and jawbone. Local anesthesia is used, and is sometimes combined with sedation depending on the amount of fat being removed. 

When the anesthesia is active, low-caliber cannulas are inserted through small incisions (less than 1 cm) under the neck and under each ear. These cannulas aspirate the subcutaneous fat and begin the body’s natural healing process, making the skin loose to the underlying flesh. After wearing tightening garments for a few days, the skin will adapt and display the desired tightening.

This liposuction reduces the fat under the chin and in the neck area, defining the jawline and giving your face a younger look. When there is much flaccidity and fat, physicians must combine liposuction with a lift.

If your jaw is underdeveloped, liposuction will not affect the jowls much. Physicians will recommend combining lipo with other operations like chin advancement, an implant, or lipofilling.

detailed study in the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery by Dr. Lakshyajit D. Dhami found that liposuction could reduce double chins. He also concluded that this intervention’s long-term result depends on the patient’s skin type, ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding significant weight gain after the operation.

Thread lift

PDOs, or polydioxanone threads, are inserted under the skin with a fine needle. These threads are placed against the earth’s gravity to hold the face and act as a tensioner.

In addition to holding, they stimulate collagen production and elastin around each thread. Overall, this reduces the sagging of the skin, recovering its elasticity and firmness. The treatment application does not last more than 45 minutes, and the patient can go home after the procedure.

Some results can be seen immediately, but the key effect of smoother skin is usually seen in the third week of treatment.

scientific study conducted by Drs. A. SavoiaC. AccardoF. VanniniB. Di Pasquale, and A. Baldi showed that the thread lift is a safe procedure. It also concluded that results in minimal complications for patients who require a modest degree of lifting.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis uses a laser to quickly remove localized fat, typically in only one session. The laser energy is transmitted through a thin, flexible cannula. This cannula contains an optical fiber that takes the laser light to the fat tissues, reversing the skin curve that is left on the neck. 

This laser causes elastin and collagen’regeneration, allowing the skin to stick to the face’s contour more tightly. 

Facial Mesotherapy

  • Facial mesotherapy is a treatment that reduces jowl fat. The first step is to accelerate cellular metabolism through a manual injection of vitamins, amino acids and/or collagen microfilaments. 
  • Then, the specialist performs some massages to relax the muscles.  
  • Next, the face absorbs those elements placed inside the skin, which reduces the fat of the double chin.

The results are not immediate. You have to wait a few weeks for them to be noticeable. Ideally, you should start applying firming and reducing creams to the jowls and neck before and after the treatment. The advantage of this treatment is that it removes fat naturally with minimal invasion.

How to get rid of jowls at home

How to get rid of jowls at home

Anti-jowl juice

Uses apples, beets, and lemons to avoid water retention and thus eliminate jowls. To make this juice, you will need:

  • One green or red apple
  • 1 cup of beetroot
  • Juice of 1 lemon

Blend all the ingredients. Drink this every morning for seven days.

Oat mask, rosehip oil, and milk

With this mask, you will manage to reduce the excess skin that forms the double chin. To make it, you will need

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • One spoonful of rosehip oil
  • Half a glass of whole milk


  • Heat the milk and put it in a bowl 
  • Add the rosehip oil and the oats
  • Stir until you get a homogeneous mixture. 
  • Apply it on the fatty neck area, and leave it for 30 minutes
  • Remove the mask with water

Lotion with wheat germ oil and lemon

This lotion gives the skin elasticity and prevents flaccidity thanks to the B-vitamins and other minerals from the wheat germ oil. It is excellent for promoting firmness. On the other hand, the lemon helps absorb the fat, eliminating liquids and toning the skin.

Make this simple lotion by mixing these two ingredients to your preference, and applying it at night. Don’t forget to rinse your skin in the morning! Because if you expose yourself to the sun, the lotion may stain your skin.


Wheat germ oils, and other oils rich in vitamin E, will give your skin more elasticity and better appearance. At night, apply some of these oils to your neck and jowls. Massage them in for 3 minutes, and leave it to work through the night. If your skin is naturally oily, just leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse clean with water.


You can reduce or eliminate your jowls by following my recommended series of tricks and exercises. You will cut the fat that accumulates due to obesity, flaccid skin, or sudden weight loss.

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