How to get chiseled jawline without surgery, 8 Tips

How to get chiseled jawline without surgery

How can you make your jawline more defined without surgery? When we gain weight, our face starts to change—it gets wider and rounder. So, naturally, we look for ways to lose weight. But, at that moment, we realize that certain stubborn areas of our body don’t shed weight. One such area is the face.

After doing a lot of research, asking experts for help, and trying practically everything, this is what I have learned:

To have a thinner, defined face, you have to lower your percentage of body fat. Doing that, the first place you’ll notice it is in your features. Also, a series of facial exercises can help highlight your jaws, cheeks, and cheeks and achieve more proportionate features.

To have a more symmetrical and defined face, you must maintain a good diet that eliminates fatty or sugary foods. In addition, some devices help develop the jaw muscles and define your cheekbones, like the PAO or Jawzrsize, although their effectiveness is not the same in all men.

As you will see, it is not very easy to reduce fat and double chin if you are a man. But, if you want to work hard and solve it, different specific tricks can help you lose weight and show off a thinner face.

  1. What is a chiseled jawline?
  2. Why do I have a round face?
  3. How can I get a defined and muscular jawline without surgery?
  4. What to eat for a perfectly chiseled jawline
  5. Chiseled jawline exercises for getting jaw muscles
  6. Facial yoga to get rid of chubby cheeks shed excess fat, and get a chiseled jawline.
  7. Sagging jawline remedies
  8. Conclusion

What is a chiseled jawline?

The chiseled jawline signifies the one that stands out sharply, sculpted by a master's hand. This can be attained through proper diet and exercise, just as advertised in magazines everywhere! Women are attracted to men with either handsome features or muscles for their ability to protect them - but both will do nicely.

Why do I have a round face?

 Most common causes of having a round face are:

  • Fat accumulation. When fat deposits accumulate in the cheeks, the face gradually becomes rounder.
  • Genetics. The bone structure and facial muscles of a person play a significant role in your face shape. For example, when the masseter muscles between the jaw and the cheeks are highly developed, the face may appear more rounded.
  • Drugs. A rounder face can be a side effect of steroid use or other medications. Also, it can be a symptom of Cushing’s Syndrome—when the body is exposed to excess cortisol for a long time.
  • Bad habits. High sodium intake, smoking, and eating lots of processed foods can produce more facial fat.

How can I get a defined and muscular jawline without surgery?

How can I make my jawline more defined without surgery?

Do you want to know how you can naturally sharpen your jawline? Or, how to achieve symmetry in your face? Check out these tips to have a thinner and more proportionate look.

Create a caloric deficit

How do you get an aesthetic jawline? Genetics have a lot of influence on your face’s shape, but those extra pounds on your face can also be due to high body fat. For that reason, you have to lower the calories in your daily diet and burn more calories than you consume. A low-calorie diet will be essential so that the body can better metabolize the calories.

Here is a calorie calculator to help determine what you need to eat to lower your body fat percentage.

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Eat a balanced diet

It would be best if you avoid consuming too many carbohydrates, especially refined ones. Instead, include cereals and whole grains in your diet. Restrict the amount of bread, pasta, and rice that you eat to reduce fat in the face.

Such refined foods contribute to increasing the volume of facial fat. You should also avoid oily foods, sweet desserts, and sugary drinks.

If you do not reduce these foods’ consumption, you will increase your weight and, thus, your body fat percentage. In addition, carbonated drinks are hazardous, giving you many calories that generate more fat in your cheeks.

Try a facial device

These devices are top-rated nowadays, and they are designed to work the face muscles. The regular, moderate use of these devices can help give you much more masculine features. Below, I am going to describe the two most popular models of the day:


The PAO is a device designed to combat facial flaccidity. It helps rejuvenate and define facial features. It is an intensive training of your mouth that lasts about 30 seconds. The manufacturer recommends doing this exercise at least twice daily, so you can start noticing results in only one minute a day. 

The workout is effortless. You place the device in your mouth and shake the weights on the sides. By practicing this exercise regularly, the face muscles will be toned and tightened, and you will get a more defined jawline.

study conducted in Japan certified that this device’s use helps increase the face muscles’ thickness and contributes to facial rejuvenation.


The Jawzrsize is designed to exercise and develop the masseter muscle of the face. By stimulating this muscle, our face will immediately look much more masculine.

Dentists do not recommend its use, but please do not overdo it if you are determined to use it. The change in lower jaw width is very significant, and you will have a more youthful appearance.

  • To start using Jawzrsize, you must first put it in a pan of boiling water for 20 seconds.
  • You then have to put it in your mouth and bite down for 10 seconds to adapt it to your bite.
  • Finally, you must immerse it in cold water for another 10 seconds to seal the shape. 

Be determined

If you want to lose facial fat, you must have determination and perseverance. Do not be discouraged if you do not see results quickly. When you start losing weight, you will notice the loss of fat in the chin and cheekbones. The chin will lose the excess skin, and the cheekbones will recover a more refined shape.


Start exercising 3 to 4 days a week, with a minimum duration of approximately 30 minutes. The results start to be noticed first on the face before the other parts of the body.

Therefore, you must be consistent and not lazy. Some recommended exercises are swimming, cycling, and climbing stairs. 

I always recommend a combination of weight training and aerobics, but you can ultimately decide your routine. 

Facial massage

To define your face, you can get a massage. You can go to a professional to have the massage done, or you can do it at home by yourself. A common method is to give small pinches to the jaw area and then perform a circular massage on the cheeks and chin. With this exercise, you exercise your whole face.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts from time to time is not bad. The problem is when it becomes a habit. This habit will harm the face because the liver is in charge of processing the alcohol and metabolizing the fat.

When the liver has to process too much alcohol, it does not metabolize fat, causing it to accumulate. In addition, drinking alcoholic beverages cause inflammation in your face due to its high-calorie content, and it retains liquids.

Improve your posture

When you acquire the slumping posture (drooping shoulders, arched back, and forward), you give the appearance of having a fatter face because you accentuate your jowls. As you improve your posture, your neck will stretch a little, and your chin will go up. The fat will place in another position, and your face will not be so broad. 

What to eat for a perfectly chiseled jawline

jawline definition

Now, I am going to give you some advice on how to start defining, refining your face, and getting a perfectly chiselled jawline:

Increase fiber intake

Incorporate vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and nuts into your diet. These contain much healthy fiber and only contain a few calories. They also help increase your body’s energy.

You should avoid products with many fats, like ultra-processed foods and industrial baked goods. These unhealthy foods will make you fat.

Give priority to healthy foods.

Foods that contain a lot of animal fat and unnatural chemicals cause fat accumulation. So if you want to have a thinner face, you have to eat a healthy, low-calorie diet.

As you get thinner, you will lose weight all over your body, including your face. Try to avoid any miracle or otherwise drastic diets. Instead, make the diet you choose your lifestyle. 

Lower your salt intake, and consume more calcium

Sodium retains fluid, which often lodges in your face to make it look puffier. If you consume adequate calcium, you will avoid this fluid retention. Some of the foods with high calcium content are sesame seeds and fresh cheeses./

When you over-consume salt, the excess sodium can also cause dehydration, loss of vitamins and minerals, and constipation.

Drink water

Drink water frequently to eliminate toxins from the body and accumulated fat in the face. Water also promotes healthier and more beautiful skin by causing hydration from within. Remember that more than 60% of the human body is made of water.

To hydrate yourself adequately, take in at least 2 liters of water a day—ideally in small sips throughout the day. When you do this, you feel less hungry, and you eat less. Therefore, you will lose weight quicker.

Other liquids that can be helpful are natural juices, teas, and infusions.

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Chiseled jawline exercises for getting jaw muscles

How can I tighten my jawline naturally? How can I strengthen my jawline without surgery? If you want to achieve this, you have to do facial exercises. Below are some efficacious movements to make your face thinner.

Exercise number 1

  • To stimulate the muscles of the face, gesticulate when you laugh.
  • Do this about ten times a day.
  • A routine with this facial movement is enough to revitalize your facial muscles.

Exercise number 2

  • Place a stress ball between your chin and your chest.
  • Compress it ten times with your chin; you don’t have to crush it completely. You have to feel the exertion.
  • This exercise is ideal for toning the chin area.

Exercise number 3

  • Make small pinches on the jaw and cheeks so that the skin is re-tensioned and circulation is improved.
  • Try not to pinch too hard because you can mark your face or hurt yourself.

Exercise number 4

  • Place your hands on the side of your face as if you were going to put yourself to sleep.
  • Then, apply pressure to your hands and try to push them with your face.
  • Hold this position for approximately 15 seconds. 
  • With this exercise, you will feel your neck and cheeks getting stronger. This is because this movement helps to tone the whole area.

Exercise number 5

  • Tighten your neck and jaw while raising and lowering your head.
  • Perform this movement 15 times.
  • Rest for a minute and do another set of 15 movements.
  • You can do this every day, and your chin will gradually become more defined.

Exercise number 6

  • One of the ideal ways to work the muscles of the face is to chew gum. 
  • It is only necessary to do so for a few minutes, moving the jaw and blowing bubbles with the gum so that your cheeks can work.

Exercise number 7

  • This exercise consists of opening the mouth and saying each letter of the alphabet aloud with a very exaggerated expression. 
  • Hold your position in each letter for 3-5 seconds.

Exercise number 8

  • Place two fingers in the corners of your mouth with a little outward pressure. 
  • Then, try to give a kiss even if you can’t.
  • With this movement, you will improve the cheek area.

Exercise number 9

  • Make an inverted smile with your lips pressed together. 
  • With this simple motion, you will exercise your face and neck muscles. This will help reduce and prevent jowls.

Final advice

When performing these facial exercises, look in the mirror to ensure you’re not puckering up other parts of the face while working on the target areas.

For these exercises to give you more outstanding results, you must combine them with a healthy lifestyle.

As you know, it's not a good idea to do these exercises for more than 15 minutes a day because that could lead to neck strain. You have to prevent neck pain. Finally, you must eat well, avoid toxic habits and get enough rest.

Facial yoga to get rid of chubby cheeks shed excess fat, and get a chiseled jawline.

What exercise can you do to lose weight on the face with jawline exercises? Facial yoga works the face muscles to rejuvenate the entire area. In addition to achieving weight loss and defining your face, you will get a more chiseled jawline, reduced jowls, and less sagging.

With these jawline exercises, you will define the overall features of your face. But, first, you must correctly do facial yoga, so one option is to do it in front of a mirror.

Exercise 1

  • Stretch your neck back for 10 seconds, and repeat this five times. You will work back and front neck muscles.

Exercise 2

  • Please take a deep breath in through your mouth and hold it in.
  • Move this air back and forth as if you were using a mouthwash inside your mouth.
  • With this exercise, you will reduce the fat on your cheeks and tone your facial muscles.

Exercise 3

  • Inhale deeply, and then gently breathe out through your mouth, holding your lips as if pronouncing the letter O.

Exercise 4

  • Try to make a fish face by placing your cheeks between your teeth using your cheeks and lips.
  • After doing this pose, smile, and stay in this position for 10 seconds.

Exercise 5

  • Take a deep breath in and lift your face, looking up as much as you can.
  • While you are in this posture, expel the air from your mouth.
  • With this exercise, you accentuate the jawline and tone your cheeks.

Exercise 6

  • Try to pretend your cheeks filled with water, as if you were drinking liquid through a straw. 
  • Hold that position for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise 15 times.
  • By doing this exercise, you reduce the fat in the cheeks by defining the cheekbones. Practice it regularly to achieve more pronounced cheekbones and chin.

Exercise 7

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible, and hold this position for 5 seconds.
  • Relax until you manage to close it.
  • Repeat this 30 times in the morning.
  • You can also do this at midday and at night to accelerate its effects.
  • This exercise will help you get a well-formed cheekbone and a more prominent jaw.

Exercise 8

  • While sitting or standing, look straight ahead and try to bring your lower lip forward as if you were going to touch your nose.
  • Bring your lip as close as you can.
  • Hold and count to 10. Repeat five times.
  • The purpose of this exercise is to work the muscles around your jaw and chin.

Sagging jawline remedies

Home remedies for a tight jawline

How do you tighten your jawline? Facial masks made with natural products are perhaps one of the home remedies that help lose fat in the face. The best way to apply these masks on the face is with circular movements so that their ingredients act more efficiently.

Ginger and rosewater mask

Ginger is an antioxidant that protects against aging. It also helps stimulate blood circulation in the skin, giving it a better appearance. Rosewater has a regenerative effect on the skin. It also helps to eliminate impurities, giving a more rejuvenated look to the face.


  • Two tablespoons of ginger powder
  • Three tablespoons of rose water


  • In a container, mix the ginger powder with rose water.
  • Mix until it creates a homogeneous paste that can remain stuck to your skin. If the consistency is not the desired one, you can add a little more rosewater or ginger powder.
  • When it is ready, apply it to your clean and dry face.
  • Let it act for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cold water. 

You can use this mask every day for two weeks. But, then, do it only twice a week.

Moisturizing Mask 

If your skin is dry and your face is inflamed, it may be due to fluid retention caused by a lack of moisture. To avoid this, use moisturizing masks and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

Anti-stress mask

Stressful days will show on your face, and it will look tired and puffy. To minimize these symptoms, use a potato mask that will reduce the bags and swelling.

Toning mask for a defined jawline

  • To prepare this firming mask, you need yogurt, ground oats, and orange juice. 
  • Mix the ingredients to form a paste and apply it to your face.
  • Rinse with plenty of soap and water.

With this mask, you will give your face and jawline the toning it needs to return its youth.

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To achieve a toned jawline, you have to start a healthy life and be consistent with massages and facial exercises.

In short, to have a thinner face, the two main means of achieving this are:

  • First, exercises and facial massages strengthen the face’s muscles, define the cheekbones and mark the chin.
  • Maintain a good diet to reduce body fat. 

When you finish reading all these recommendations that we’ve shared throughout this text, you will know how to refine and define your jawline and face. 

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue MD.