How to make a girl take notice and stop ignoring you: Secrets and tips!

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Most of us men have asked ourselves at some point in our lives, how do I get the attention of a woman who ignores me? How best to make a woman notice you? We know that attracting a woman is not easy work, nor is it usually a one-day job. Elie Wiesel wrote, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference,” but sometimes it can be something else. After many relationships, and having studied female psychology, this is what I have learned:

To get a woman’s attention when she ignores you, you have to better understand her, learn what she wants, and avoid absurd advice from others. Also, know how she thinks in different situations and, of course, be clear about why she ignores you. With all this, you will know how to proceed.

The mistake most of us make is to think that women want a prince who gives them everything. This is half true; most of them want you to treat them like a princess. But, in addition to that prince that they say they want, they also want a gentleman of principles and values who listens to and understands them.

This is not easy work, since sometimes women let themselves be carried away by their past experiences, and the words “all men are the same” comes out of their mouths. You show them that we are not!

How do you get a girl’s attention when she ignores you?

How to get a woman's attention when she ignores you

To win over a woman who ignores you, you must keep in mind that it will be a difficult task. This journey will not take you just one day, but it is almost sure that your determination will bring results. The intention is to attract the attention of any woman in reality. It doesn’t matter if she has the coldest heart on the planet.

Sometimes we see that a woman may be interested, but they continue to ignore you. So, long before you try to get her attention, you should know why she ignores you; because this will help you understand how to end it.


Learn the female psychology, and the thinking of the particular woman you’re interested in. Most of the time, it is not that the woman ignores you, but it is her way of being. Women act differently than men do. For example, sometimes men are often crude and don’t watch their language. I’m going to help you change that behavior.  

Women will often ignore you because they want to see how interested you are in them—whether you are noticing the smallest details about them, or something else. It can also be that their behavior it is out of insecurity or shyness. 

I don’t deny the fact that sometimes women do all this with malice; they are upset with you, or they simply don’t like you. Sometimes what we want is just not for us. If a woman has given you many clear indications that she doesn’t like you, don’t keep insisting. More women will come your way in the future.


Winning over a woman is always possible if you move the chess pieces correctly. But, to make her fall in love, you have to be close to her. You can’t do anything if you don’t talk to her. 

Women tend to focus more on what is ideal for them. A woman wants a partner to her liking. That’s why you have to get close enough to her to show the interest you have. 


To know women better, you have to know what they need, what they want, and how to interpret their often-confusing language. She often tries to tell you something by ignoring you, and you have to know what she is saying.

It can be that you have won over the girl without noticing anything different in her behavior. You see that she continues to ignore you, and believe that your actions have come to nothing. She hasn’t said no to you, but she ignores you. In these situations, it is not advise to insist and push so much. Instead, stand your ground, and try ignoring her a little. 

If you usually show her a lot of attention at the beginning or show that you like her, she will take you for granted. Show the woman from the beginning that you are interested, but without looking a little desperate.


Be careful not to make your interest feel insecure by looking for someone else to make her jealous. Don’t do this, because it can make the situation worse. However, make her realize that she isn’t the sole focus of your life. Change your attitude towards her for a few days. Live your life as if she were not there.

All this has a goal: to make her wish you were talking to her. She has to feel like you are no longer paying attention to her. But, you have to be ready when you do get her attention. She must see that you are better than she expected. 


What do you do when a girl starts ignoring you? Be more sure of yourself, and show it with the actions we have mentioned above. You must be sure of yourself, without seeming self-centered or pretentious. If the woman is interested in you, she will want you to pay attention and appeal to her with this technique.

You must show self-confidence, but without an overpowering personality.


How do you make a girl miss you? Consider another situation: the woman who does not know you, or that you exist. In this case, you have a demanding job ahead of you. Carry an attitude somewhere between cheekiness and disinterest, as I mentioned before. You have to pay attention to her, but at the same time show her that she is not the only thing in the world to you. 

She won’t understand your change in attitude, and will feel the need to know what happened. She may think it’s her fault, so it’s important not to make her feel insecure by linking up with another girl. To get your attention, she will look for you, and that’s your sign that she is interested in you. Disclaimer: don’t use this strategy too often, because a woman who is actually interested in you may be upset by this action.

Women, as much as men, like to know that we are someone’s love interest. They like to feel wanted and, when they don’t get that, they’ll wonder what happened.


If you want to approach her, the best way is to be fun-loving. Talk to her, bring up conversation topics, and just be yourself. It’s not a complicating thing; women need to laugh. Tell a great story; it’s the best way for her to know your personality and way of seeing things. On top to that, it’s a good way to gain more confidence when talking to them. Jokes are better than compliments. If you want to give off a daring and brave attitude, try to give her a compliment that lands unexpectedly.

Make that woman blush by telling her something that very few people notice about her, like a simple dimple while she’s laughing. That way, she will realize you are different.


You may have also heard that there are men who win over women by picking on them. Don’t ever do this! 

If you compliment her, do it in a unique, kind way. Never pick at something she feels insecure about. If you do, she will take offense. Not only will she not want to talk to you, she will not want to see you anymore.

If you give her a compliment, try to do so after she show interest in you. You can start by telling her that she’s beautiful, or that you like her personality.

You need to know how female psychology works, what they think, and how they feel. To understand this, you have to improve your knowledge. You will need self-confidence as well. 

What does it mean when a girl ignores you for no reason?

When a woman ignores you, it could be because she is attracted to you but doesn’t want you to know it. She could also do this so that you are more attracted to her. She may even ignore you because she thinks you don’t understand her. If this is the case, don’t pursue her. You have to try to make her feel the need to go after you.

These are the most common causes of being ignored, but a woman is much more complicated than that. Below, I will list other reasons why she might be ignoring you.

Seven reasons why a woman ignores you

Ho to be noticed by a girl that ignores you

She lives in a comfort zone 

Single women are always looking for stability, and that takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. So keep in mind that it is not easy for someone to leave their comfort zone. They don’t want to take any chances and have their emotional stability—which they worked so hard for—destroyed.

Therefore, you can fascinate her, enchant her, and revolutionize her world. If the woman thinks feels you taking her away from her  comfort zone, she might react by ignoring you.

She’s afraid to love someone

Love is something that can scare all women. They are afraid of being hurt, being made to feel inferior, or even of being abused. But what many fear most is loving someone and not being loved back in a sufficient way.

It is not easy to be heartbroken, and then trust someone else again. It is challenging to take that step. You must understand that girls don’t always ignore you because they don’t like you. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t want to lose again in the game of love.

She does not yet know what she wants

It is common for a woman not to know what she wants out of a relationship. For that matter, few of us know what we want in our lives, and may not know what we are looking for in a partner. It is sometimes difficult for women to clearly know what they want. 

Therefore, they may not give you a chance because their feelings are not entirely clear to them. A woman who doesn’t know what she wants is confused, and hasn’t taken the time to analyze and understand her feelings.

You should be clear on this point because, in this situation, she may be giving you hope of a future. But, when it comes time to take another step, she starts ignoring you. That is not healthy for you nor her.

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She is afraid of commitment 

Believe it or not, many women are affected by this. Many are afraid to commit to a wonderful man who loves them and has done so much to win their heart. 

Their biggest fear is that they will not measure up to that man; that, in the long run, they will not be enough and therefore will be abandoned.

Regretfully, many women prefer to live with this fear, and do not fight for what they want so much.

She is thinking about whether or not to give you a chance

Women take time for every decision. They are not easy to understand. She might ignore you because she is taking her time.

That can make you react in two ways:

  • Thinking that she likes you, and is taking her time before taking the relationship to the next level 
  • That you can reflect to know what your intentions are with her, to understand how much interest you have in a relationship.

These two things are like little tests that women do on men. You have to be very firm in your decision, and that you are there waiting for them.

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She doesn’t want to hurt you

There are still women who do this, if you can believe it. They walk away from you, because they feel they can hurt you and don’t want to do so. They don’t want to keep giving you false hope, and don’t think it’s right to keep playing with your love.

She may have fun with you, but she’s not ready to give up entirely on the single life she enjoys so much.

So, straightforward, she ignores you because she just doesn’t love you.

Just as there are many good women, there are also bad ones. These girls use the love and attention you give them for their benefit; in short, they use you.

It’s one thing for them to ignore you once or twice, but then come back and show you that she is the woman you deserve in your life.

Another very different woman is the woman who uses you. She ignores you, and only shows up for something she needs for her benefit and entertainment.

If you are the one who always gives everything while she gives nothing, you must understand that she is only using your love. She does not want a relationship at all.


I hope that these tips will be handy. If you are consistent and intelligent, you will attract the attention of any woman. Plus, you will have a positive and fruitful relationship, whether she becomes your romantic partner or just wants to be your friend.

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