How to get my partner back after cheating even if I don't deserve it!

How to get my partner back after cheating

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Many men ask themselves the question: How do I get my partner back? You must understand that women tend to be very sentimental and thus challenging to understand for us. Other times they have real reasons to be disappointed. The truth is that we all make mistakes; no one is perfect. After many relationships, and having lived this situation before, this is what I know:

To get a disappointed woman back, you must first admit your mistakes, give her time, recognize that you have a wonderful woman by your side, and look to the future with her. Not all women behave the same in the face of a relationship disappointment, so you have to take her character into account.

Sometimes you can let someone down without meaning to, either because you didn’t meet their expectations, didn’t do something they thought you would, you were unfaithful, or other things. If you love her, you want to get her back, and that’s where you should set your goal.

Whatever the situation, if you were guilty or not, the point is to recover the relationship. Here, I will give you a perfect strategy.

  1. How do you fix a relationship after cheating?
  2. How can I get my girlfriend back after cheating?
  3. How do you tell if your girlfriend is upset with you?
  4. What did I do to disappoint my partner?
  5. How do I make up for hurting my partner?
  6. Conclusion

How do you fix a relationship after cheating?

According to the American Psychological Association, a person can overcome the trauma of infidelity through forgiveness. It also concludes that damaged self-esteem, lost confidence, and personal growth can be restored after infidelity through forgiveness.

How can I get my girlfriend back after cheating?

How can I get my girlfriend back after cheating?

How do you fix a relationship after cheating? What do you do when you disappoint the person you love? I will show you the steps you should think about when you cheat on your partner. When you don’t know what to do, just apply them.


That is the first step of the whole odyssey. You must give more emphasis to this step; that you must humbly recognize the problem. Please acknowledge that you failed, it is what she needs most, and it is something she needs to hear. 

If you were unfaithful, you will not want to admit that you were wrong, but I assure you that it is the best thing you can do. No one likes to be lied to and, if you did it, your partner will already know the truth—which will bother her more. If you don’t want to acknowledge it specifically, say that you know something is wrong with your behavior, with you, and with your way of being.

Reflect, look for your fault, and learn from the things she tells you. Improve for yourself, and for her; that is what she wants to hear, and that is why this is the first step.

That is the most impactful thing you can do for a future together. I assure you that you will never regret this step.


This is another essential step, and it is something that you must respect. Remember, if you have already accepted that there is a problem, you made a mistake and that there is something wrong with you, then you must give your partner time. Even though she already knew the truth, you must give her time to process it.

Leave her to calm down for a while. If she loves you, that will make her miss you and think about you. Also, don’t walk away completely. Let her know that you are sorry for what happened and that you are willing to do better for her. 

Take this time for yourself to reflect, while you wait for her to calm down. You will learn from your mistakes, think about how everything will be in the future, and what you can do to improve. 


To win back a woman’s love, you must look to the future. You must make her understand that the past is behind you both and, as a man, you can give your best now.

To recover the relationship, you must change. You must do away with those behaviors that you know are wrong and unhealthy. You must understand that your partner has different feelings at different times. That is why you must find a balance, so that you do not disappoint her again.

Even if you are no longer with the girl you hurt, your personality will follow you wherever you go, so you are likely to harm another girl too. The solution is to radically change your attitude so this will not happen to you a second time. 

That’s why the first three steps involve recognizing your mistakes, giving them time to accept them and, of course, looking to the future.

It is clear that these first three steps are only the beginning of a journey. Women are complicated in every way, but if this woman you hurt loved you deeply, it is likely that it will take her some time to forgive you.


It would be best to avoid any pressure to get back into the relationship, as this causes anxiety is rarely useful. Women need time and do not want to be pressured. If you have already messed up, make her feel confident about taking her time and show her that you will wait for her decision.

Sometimes, rushing things too much can ruin any chance you have of getting back with your girlfriend or wife.


At that time, you should evaluate the possibility of asking for forgiveness. Do this only in necessary cases. You must know that if asking for forgiveness becomes a habit, it will not work when you need it.

If you ask for forgiveness for everything you do, you reduce and cheapen its effect.

When you ask for forgiveness, it must be because you are sincerely be sorry for a major incident that happened. Don’t just apologize because that’s what your partner wants to hear. She might realize that you don’t mean it, which could make the situation worse for both of you. 

Every woman in pain expects you to apologize for your wrongs. But more than that, your partner will want to see actions that prove those words were not in vain. You must show that you have changed.

If you promised her not to do what hurt her again, you must fight tooth and nail for it not to happen again.

I will give you an example: suppose that you were unfaithful to her, and she already knows the whole truth because you admitted your mistake. You also gave her time, and she has reached out for you to talk.

You should ask for forgiveness, and show her that you want to change. Tell her that you will not do it again, promise her your fidelity, and talk to her about marriage if you are engaged. Show you are so desperate to rejoin her, and you’re sorry for what happened. That will be the cherry on top for her.


Remember that women want to see commitment from men; they are looking for someone who will care for them, listen to them, love them unconditionally, respect them and never hurt them. You know her, so talk to her about things you know she will like. This will make her feel like she misses you, and she will try to fix it with you.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is upset with you?

How do you tell if your girlfriend is upset with you?

It is also very possible that your partner is disappointed and you haven’t even noticed. Remember, many times women don’t talk until they have researched everything. They need to be sure that what they suspect is true, even if you don’t think it is.

That’s why you should know both your partner and certain behaviors that all women display when they are disappointed: 

She shows rejection

When they are disappointed, many women show rejection; it is one of the first things you should notice. If this is happening, begin to evaluate yourself and try to change what you think is wrong.

She doesnt believe in you

It’s hard for her to believe in you, if she’s disappointed with you. Just be honest and talk to her with the plain truth. 

She ignores you

She doesn’t pay you the same attention, and she won’t want to receive the attention you usually give to her. Your partner wouldn’t want to know as much about you if you’ve failed her.

She doesnt want intimacy with you

Your partner doesn't want intimacy with you

Intimacy is one of the most affected things when a woman is disappointed. Remember, it is never just sex for her. It will always be making love. That implies affection and, if you have disappointed her, do not expect her to act as if nothing happened. If your partner is disappointed, often the intimacy is over.

What did I do to disappoint my partner?

What could you have done wrong? It’s not easy to answer that question; women are very different from men. Even what may seem stupid to you is vital to her life’s happiness or peace.

One of the causes of disappointment for women is inappropriate behavior with her, alone or in public. Another cause is giving too little to the woman who deserves everything, or not meeting the expectations you set at the beginning of the relationship.

With these things, you can ultimately disappoint a woman, because she will be living a reality that she did not expect.

That is why you must be a consistent person with her. You must adhere to these words by the letter if you want to get her back. It won’t do any good to be the best man in the world one moment, and then go back to being what disappointed her the next moment. Not all women forgive twice.

How do I make up for hurting my partner?

We know women, and we know that they are not all the same. Let’s suppose that these first tips don’t work to soften her heart. I’ll give you another five tips to do the trick.

You must understand what she thinks 

That is the key; this will tell you where you should go. Your search to recover your partner’s love begins by knowing how she feels, and what she thinks about what happened.

I do not want to tell you that you will be a psychologist and analyze your partner’s every step, every word, and every gesture. By this, I mean that you have more empathy towards her, and that you are more interested in what she thinks.

Remember that, if you do not know what she thinks and feels, you will not know how to fix what happened.

Try to understand what the problem is 

Anyone who wants to get their partner back cannot sit around and wait for someone to fall out of the sky, solve their problems, tell them what they are doing wrong, and why their wife is not by their side.

That is why you must understand the problem very well; you must know what went wrong. You must completely grasp this failure. We know that a change takes time, but you must do it to recover your partner’s trust.

Improve your character 

You must know your partner very well. Therefore, you must know which of your qualities made her fall madly in love. It would help if you focused on improving all these qualities that she liked about you. 

Those qualities that she did not like or find useful, change them. Show her that you are doing everything you can to be much better for her. Be what she always wanted you to be.

Improve your appearance a little, improve your communication with her, make her feel more loved, more listened to and more valued.

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Create a winning personality

By that, I mean that up to 70% of women who have left a disappointing relationship return when they see that the man has a more attractive or striking personality than he had before. 

I don’t want to tell you to totally change the personality you once had. Rather, make the most of your character, so your partner won’t want to look at anyone else but you. 

Become an indifferent man

This point is important, depending on the girl you have. If she likes attention, and wants to have you around all day begging for her forgiveness, this point is vital.

Be indifferent. Be the person who doesn’t care about anything she thinks or says.

Then, she will realize that, because of her personality, she can lose you. She will see that you are getting tired of begging her and being there all the time, so she will give you the attention that you need and require to conquer her.

You have to keep this in mind if you want to win back a disappointed woman. 


How to get my partner back after cheating

In conclusion, to regain a disappointed woman, you must recognize the problem, give her the time she needs, and look to the future with her.

You must learn what kind of woman you have at your side, remember that not all are identical and that not all behave the same way when they are disappointed. Not all women react the same way, so if the first tips don’t work you must follow the last five steps. This way, you will recover her quickly.