21 Very Effective Tips on How to Keep a Conversation Going

How to keep a conversation going

How to keep a conversation going? You’ve probably been there before. You start talking to someone new, and the conversation dies out.

It can be really frustrating when you put so much effort into starting up a good chat only to see it go nowhere.

This article is for anyone who has ever struggled with how to keep a conversation going. You may be in the middle of awkward silence, or you may have been talking about your favorite TV show, and now there’s nothing left to say. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort at all to get back on track!

Read this article and learn how you can avoid those awkward silences and keep conversations flowing smoothly!

It will only take a few minutes out of your day. But it could make all the difference when talking to a woman or anyone else in the future.

  1. Why do you have nothing to say?
  2. Tips on how to keep a conversation going
  3. How do you keep a conversation going over text?
  4. Conclusion

Why do you have nothing to say?

You can overcome this by simply learning new skills such as these. Another problem in conversations is not getting in. It can take a long period of time to warm up and start interacting with people.

When you do that, you become better at chatting to people, and you have great friendships. Once you learn these abilities, you can start to make friends with new people with an assortment of basic skills.

Tips on how to keep a conversation going

Tips on how to keep a conversation going

You must have good, solid conversational skills so your conversations don't end up in awkward silence or turn into verbal sparring matches instead of meaningful discussions. You can make sure that the conversation doesn't die by doing a few things.


If you notice your voice becomes shaky or the words come out in a rush, that is exactly what is happening. Take five minutes to stretch before speaking. This will loosen up tight muscles and help prevent embarrassing hiccups mid-speech.

If you are nervous, your body language will reveal the truth and make it harder to hide, so try not to be tense.

Let's start the conversation

Talk to her (or him) like you know who she is. Then, you can get clear about your own motives and be open with the person without being too forward or aggressive when it comes down to what they want in return for a conversation.

People naturally wonder just why we were doing this so much that there was trust-building from people and helped create connections, which could mean more than anything else. For example, if someone messages me on dating apps, then I'll have them hooked right away!

Listen actively

Just be sure you listen to the words from the other person instead of waiting for their turn. Instead of a full-fledged agenda, listen to what someone enthusiastically suggests and ask questions about it.

They will participate in conversation better in that regard, and all of us shall benefit. If you listen very actively, you signal that they want to go through a conversation about something and that the other piece.

Keep eye contact

Keep eye contact as another way of reminding the other person that you're interested in the conversation. You'll become distracted by the fact that you're still thinking about other things. Looking straight at this person shows they are focused on their own conversation and nothing else going on around them. If you ask questions and keep it going on well, you'll keep.

Have a list of topics

Having a mental list should not just require you physically but should help you be aware of it. For example, maybe you would like to hear others' opinions on any current event or change something about your own that someone knows? Knowing what you have on your mind will keep them from showing up blank at the end of your call when you want something to change. Has anyone always come up empty? Share your thoughts.

Be enthusiastic about what they say

You already know how important enthusiasm is for keeping a conversation going. But actively listening to someone can help you respond with more than just one-word answers.

So, while they’re talking, listen closely and let them know that you’re enthusiastic about what they’re saying! Then, if necessary, paraphrase back to them what they just said so that you can be sure to understand it correctly.

If you don’t know what a word means, ask them to explain it. But make sure not to interrupt them while they’re talking!

The more effort you put into this and the more enthusiastic you are about what they’re saying, the more they will enjoy talking with you.

Don't let awkward silences and slow conversation moments happen!

Find common ground

Is there something you can talk about both together? Then it's also good for the threads to stretch out. If you can find common ground during the conversation or introduce yourself to someone, he already knows about.

Make sure you look interested

Nothing kills a conversation sooner than a face saying something like. “I'd like it ended before I did nothing.” Do not take your smartphone, even just if you receive an app. “I know not what it is, but it matters more than talking to you in this circumstance.’“. Your message is...I don't even know what this was... but there it is!

Ask questions

When something comes up, ask questions about it. It shows your interest but also keeps it going. If you are new to the subject of the discussion, you have given yourself a chance to gain knowledge.

You will be able to participate in the conversation a couple of times. It's simply a question about it that gives more attention to it.


If you want to improve your conversational skills, you have to practice. The more you talk with different people, the better you will get at it!

Every day try to have 2-3 conversations with strangers that are as in-depth as possible. And if you’re already quite social and start talking to women regularly, then make sure that your conversations are always pretty deep (i.e., don’t talk just about jokes and TV shows for too long).

Finally, if you want to get in touch with a woman that you met before (e.g., on an online dating site) but didn’t manage to connect with, then try this:

Instead of just saying “Hi! How are you?” and then talking about the same old stuff you talked about last time (e.g., “I went to a movie”), ask her how she’s been doing since then.

She'll feel that you really care about her, and the conversation will be a lot more meaningful as a result.

Smile often

People enjoy social interactions more than just about anything else. Your job is to make the conversation as enjoyable for her as possible. So if you feel like making a statement instead of asking a question, go ahead and do it!

(instead of asking, "What did you do this weekend?") That’s great that you went hiking on Sunday. I love the outdoors.

Be open-minded and be willing to engage with her ideas if they are different from yours. Be empathetic too! She may tell you about an event that she finds unfortunate, but try not to get carried away with your own feelings.

Try not to dominate the conversation

Don’t just talk about yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to keep her engaged in the conversation.

For example, if she tells you that she goes to the gym five times a week, and some guy keeps talking about himself (e.g., “Yeah, I go three times a week, blah blah”), he’s going to ruin the conversation for her.

Instead of talking about yourself, you can ask questions and show her that you are really interested in what she has to say. You may also want to tell her something interesting about you in a way that relates to some point she made:

(instead of “I watch it all the time”) Yeah, I love that show too. It made me realize how much I care about my dog! (while pointing to your dog next to you)

Avoid asking yes or no questions

We should not be afraid to have a deeper conversation. There is nothing wrong with having a deeper conversation, but it can only happen when we are willing and able.

Whenever you’re getting to know someone, don’t just ask yes or no questions. Most of the time, people will give one-word answers to these questions without really engaging in a meaningful conversation with you.

This is especially problematic if you start talking to a woman online and she responds with only short sentences (e.g., “yes,” “no,” or even just periods).

Instead of asking yes or no questions, ask open-ended questions to prompt her to give you a better answer. For example:

(instead of "Are you OK?") How are you feeling today?

Say what you're thinking.

People in the distance don't have trouble talking and are not inhibited! They don't mind if what they say next sounds stupid. That doesn't mean it would be worth not to say almost everything.

That means they're actually not trying to see if something interesting comes up. Just bring that, and we'll see how things go. Please do something about it as well.

You should find a conversation going. You have to talk about things you think of, not exaggerating. Do you have trouble speaking? Show your opinions.

Use conversation threading

Conversation threading is when the other person says a statement from which u can learn multiple points for discussion. Example: Someone said last week I had to travel to Alaska for the job.

There are many ways a conversation can proceed without a sentence. For example, assuming you're clear about where the conversation should end and take your answers to follow up instead of being left in a series of monologues you are never interested in.

You r ask where they worked, how often they traveled, or share a little if you traveled on your work or if you wanted to go. You're supposed to write your own stories or ask about Alaska.

Don't discount small talk.

Small talk has a bad reputation, but small talk can help bring up bigger issues and increase communication. You might be inclined to cut out the small-talk that you offer personal items to the other person. Christopher Gottschalk, the author of How to Start and Make a Conversation warns people to stay away from becoming too personable with them personally. Ro Ane: And so we have had too few conversations and made us know that our deep conversations make us comfortable.

Participate in the conversation

It's an actual conversation. No flogging about 20 questions. These questions should be used for leading and continuing the conversation. In the context of an example, your response should have something or a reply or an observation about yourself and in which it should be written as a naturally engaging response.

Find out about their childhood

Ask them what your childhood experience was. Everything in life gets a little dirty. Tell me the best way to find out why some are the way they're. However, have you prepared yourself to fall in love? If something happens, you do it and get really deep? Put this hazard signup now. It's a hole. It was too late. You caught up there—all in all, a great chance. You can't wait to find out. How was his childhood?

Ask about their day.

How did their day be? Somewhere in your daily life or with someone else somewhere, you use that gold nugget to spark the exchange. Are you eating delicious food? What was cooking? What are they reading? ‘Sell me everything! Be positive. It has to look positive. You really must. Ask someone how many days he had in quarantine feels like a joke for people who barely make any progress on everything.

Tell a joke to keep a text conversation going

If you struggle to keep that talk going, try a joke. Do not get the other person's contact information. Do the joke a bit clean up. A simple segue of this kind could be to say: Hey, don't mean to veer us in.

End the conversation gracefully

No one likes an awkward pause in a conversation. If you notice that the conversation is starting to die out, make sure that you end it gracefully. If she doesn’t think you’re interested in talking to her any longer (e.g., because you start checking your phone or even stand up), she will feel rejected and will most likely not respond well.

Try to end the conversation when there is still at least some momentum left. (Instead of ending the conversation) It was nice talking to you! Bye!

(Instead of ending the conversation) You know, it’s getting late, and I should probably get home soon. But before I go, I want to thank you for this great conversation. You seem like a fascinating person. I’d love to talk more sometime!

(instead of ending the conversation) Hey, it was great talking to you, but I have an appointment in 5 minutes and will probably not see you anymore today. It would be awesome if we could continue this some other time, though!

How do you keep a conversation going over text?

Below, I have summarized the 7 most important texting tips.

Before focusing on these tips, I must first give you the mindset that makes texting amazing and why it is crucial to your success.

Texting provides an immediate way for you to communicate with women in real-time. It's like having her phone number without actually having her phone number.

There are no screening calls, no waiting a week for an email response, and no awkward conversations with texting.

The main benefit of texting is that it keeps you in the conversation state with women until you decide to meet up.  So if you haven't already mastered the art of texting, make sure this is your NUMBER ONE priority!

If, after reading this article, you want to dive deeper into the psychology of texting, check out my bestselling book, Text Message Attraction.

tips on how to keep a conversation going by text

Let's begin by breaking down this "conversation" into simple steps:

  1. Invite her to text with you
  2. Make conversation while escalating the date (aka making plans)
  3. Build rapport
  4. Find opportunities to set up a date or meeting
  5. Close the chat
  6. Meet her in person
  7. Continue the conversation on a 1:1 basis

These steps aim to create a sense of comfort that will turn her on and make you appear nonjudgemental.

Though there are many ways to accomplish this, below, I have summarized my favorite texting tips. I hope you enjoy it! If you already use

Final tip

How do you keep a conversation going over text? The best way to keep a conversation going is by using your tone of voice.

You can use emojis, gifs, and stickers to show the other person how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking about. It may seem like it takes more time, but in reality, it saves so much time because people don't have to type out their thoughts. Instead, they send an emoji!

Desire: If you want to make someone laugh or smile, then all you need is one emoji! There are hundreds of different ones that will help express any emotion from anger, happiness, sadness, love, and many more. You'll never be at a loss for words again with these handy little icons on your phone!

You can also use them as part of conversations, too - they're not just for when someone texts "lol" back at you! For example, if someone says, "I'm starving!" then all I would have to say is "😋" which means I'm hungry too, and we could talk about where we should go eat together later on tonight. So easy, right!? 😊🍕🍔👅👌✨❤️☺️😁😃😄💯⭐️♥️♡♠♣★☆✂❤✈➖◀▶↟↑


You’ve learned some of the best ways to keep a conversation going, so now it is time to put these tips into action.

The tone of voice should be formal, and you are not to use all these tricks simultaneously. Instead, get used to one trick first before moving on.

When you can master a single technique in your upcoming conversations, feel more confident about applying other techniques!

If you want to improve your social life, remember that people love talking about themselves and what they are passionate about.

When you ask good questions, be attentive, and show interest in them when they answer, your conversations will flow more naturally and smoothly.

Keep an eye out for cues from your partner, such as nods or verbal responses like “uh-huh,” which can help indicate if you should continue speaking or perhaps take on a different topic of discussion.

Have fun with this! It might just lead to new relationships or friendships!