How to care face skin for man, what a GUY needs to know!

How should a man take care of his face?

Many men think that the care of their face is not essential; they do not care at all. Many we tend to be coarse and think it's a woman's thing. I've been there and didn't give it the importance it needs until I realized how important it is. How should a man take care of his face? After visiting several dermatologists and making an in-depth investigation, here I tell you how to do it.

To have a well-cared face, we must avoid too thick creams that obstruct the pores, not touching our face in excess, avoid too hot water, and above all protect ourselves from the sun. It is also essential to have a good diet and drink plenty of fluids to moisturize the face's skin from the inside.

The face is your business card, is the first thing that people see and of course women always see the face of men, that is why you must give the care that this requires, your face should be your precious treasure.

Imagine that you go to a job interview and the first thing they see is acne on your face, blackheads or something like that, or that you go on a date with your girl and you have this horrible acne when she wants to kiss you on the cheek, this is certainly not what you will want at any time.

That's why we've decided to help you take care of your face; the first thing you should know is

  1. How do you damage your face?
  2. What causes premature facial aging?
  3. How do you prevent premature facial aging?
  4. Skincare treatments for man face
  5. Conclusion 

How do you damage your face?

How do you damage your face skin?

What causes facial skin damage? Now I'm going to explain how some internal and external factors damage your facial skin:

The face's skin changes its structure and appearance not only by the passage of time, but the skin is also affected by elements such as the sun, gravity, pollution. Skin also changes due to smoking, diet, stress, and some diseases that produce the membrane's degradation covering the skin called tegument.

An infinite number of things damage our skin, but our face is undoubtedly the most delicate, the one we must take care of the most. That is why I will tell you 12 things that are indeed totally harmful to our face.

1. Avoid touching your face so much

The habit of touching our faces can cause damage to our skin. Our hands are always in contact with many surfaces that are usually dirty. That is why if you don't wash your hands often imagine all the bacteria you are carrying on your face when you touch it.

Also, this dirt that you carry on your face accumulates until it completely clogs your pores. This obstruction will suddenly cause an outbreak of acne on your face.

That is why you should avoid touching your face too much and keep your hands clean to eliminate this problem. 

2. Excessive coffee consumption

Although you may think that coffee can't be harmful to your face, you're mistaken. The truth is that caffeine is a diuretic, which causes your skin to dehydrate and look dull and dull. 

That is why if you want to have young and glowing skin, I do not recommend you to drink coffee more than twice a day. Also, try to eat more fruits and drink a lot of water. 

3. Don't rub your skin when you dry your face

Rubbing the skin is undoubtedly very harmful to your face. When you go to dry your face, you mustn't irritate it. That can happen if you rub too hard with the towel. I recommend you to do it with very soft touches.

Something that you should also avoid is those exfoliants that are too aggressive. It is better to remove the dead cells from your face using tropical fruit exfoliants so that your skin does not suffer any irritation. 

4. If you use glasses, you should be a little careful 

If you are one of those people who wear glasses, whether they are sunglasses or not, you must be cautious with the gestures you often make involuntarily to keep them in place. Frowning and very repetitive nose movements can cause wrinkles in your skin.

5. Avoid excess sugar consumption 

Candy can be harmful to your face. Extra sugar binds to your skin's proteins and damages them. That is why you must be very careful when you eat a lot of sweets. Remember that everything in excess is wrong and will always add fat to your face.

6. Avoid sticking your smartphone to your face 

You may not know it or think it is possible, but the cell phone usually has much more germs than the shoe's sole. That's why I do not recommend you to stick your face to the phone too much.

A cell phone can have up to 18 times more bacteria than a toilet. That could lead to your face getting black dots right where you stick your phone. For this reason, I recommend that you use your hands-free or headset more often and clean your phone much more often. 

7. Try to avoid excessive exposure to LED lights

Many studies claim that LED lights emit a small number of ultraviolet rays. If you are within 20 centimeters of these lights, they can pass through your skin and cause aging. Always try to keep a little distance when there is this lighting.

8. Avoid using too many creams

Knowing how to put the creams to fair use is something you must bear in mind. There are times when we apply too much cream or apply less than we need. But you must know that if you use too much face cream, you will get your pores clogged, which is not good. If you do, you'll get pimples on your face or bags under your eyes. 

9. Avoid showering with too hot water

Hot water is sometimes harmful to your skin; it dilates the capillaries when it is too hot. This capillary dilation promotes the appearance of varicose veins and weakens the protective mantle with the cutis. It is for this reason that it is good to have short showers with warm water. 

10. Do not take too much dairy

You must consider your daily dairy consumption, especially if your skin is a little bit greasy. Several studies have shown that milk has its hormones and growth factors. These can be absorbed and pass into the blood, which causes acne. You can also get calcium from some green leafy vegetables and tofu, for example, so that you can reduce your dairy intake in your life.

11. Avoid using your hands to remove pimples from your face

This mania is one of the most damaging to your face, skin, and you in general. Instead of healing your skin, what you do with it is release bacteria at the pimple's bottom.

This secretion can cause acne to spread all over your face. Not only can it cause more acne, but it can cause dark spots and even scars to appear on your skin.

12. Your eating habits also affect the skin on your face

Food also has a lot of influence; some foods are harmful, like fried foods, because they tend to give more fat to your face and your whole body. Remember that the body also cleanses itself through the skin. If you overeat junk food, all that fat will be reflected in your skin. 

What causes premature facial aging?

Here I tell you after talking to several dermatologists how facial skin aging occurs.

study shows that a man's face ages first because it is a biological process that cannot be avoided. Factors such as the redistribution and reduction of skin fat, solar radiation, gravity action, and bone support reduction that produces facial flaccidity also play a role.

How do you prevent premature facial aging?

Natural aging is an irreversible biological process that is genetically determined. On the other hand, we can fight the extrinsic aging caused by external factors such as excessive sun exposure or pollution with sunscreens and moisturizers or anti-aging.

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Skincare treatments for man face

How to care your features

There are too many treatments for the face to keep it young, bright, and smooth. But here I will give you the best ones you can use if you want to love your look.

Exfoliate very well

If you want to have skin free of impurities and dead cells, exfoliation is essential. That is the best way to show the natural beauty of your face; this polishes your skin. How can I exfoliate my face, and what should I use to do it?

  • Sugar. To exfoliate your face, you must moisten your face. Then you take a spoonful of sugar and rub it a little in your hands. Then you apply it to your face, making soft, circular movements always upwards.  
  • Carrot. Take a carrot, peel it, and cut it into pieces. Put the chunks in the blender until you get a doughy texture. Then proceed to mix it with some moisturizer, apply it to your face for about 15 minutes, and you will see skin with more vitality.  

Use macadamia oil

Macadamias are nuts that are composed of essential fatty acids that provide many benefits to our skin. 

This macadamia oil is perfect for our skin, especially for those that need hydration, since it softens, moisturizes, and regenerates your skin. 

They are also perfect for delaying aging and keeping wrinkles out of your face. As it is vegetable oil, it penetrates your skin better and leaves your face silky.

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Use aloe vera on your face.

Aloe Vera is the most widely used skincare plant in the world. This plant is high in minerals, vitamins, etc. Its use is essential for the care of the skin's face. 

Aloe vera has properties such as:

  • Soothing properties: which makes it perfect for burns or irritations.
  • Moisturizing properties: this one is beneficial, especially if you suffer from acne; your skin will look hydrated and reduce pimples.
  • It also has antioxidant properties: aloe vera is the perfect product to fight free radicals such as the sun.
  • Regenerative properties: this means that it maintains the health of your skin tissues.

Benefits of aloe vera on the face

Here I will tell you better the main benefits that aloe will bring to your face, no doubt you will know that it will be the best ally for your face.

Cleanses the skin in depth

Aloe has the power to clean your face even in the most profound areas in a simple way. That is possible thanks to its regenerating and antioxidant properties, but not only this, it is also capable of removing dirt and dead cells that hide your skin. It is your best ally against acne. 

Aloe vera will give your face maximum hydration.

Aloe vera will undoubtedly keep your facial skin fully hydrated. I recommend its use, especially in winter, because the skin is usually the driest this season. If you have dry skin, use aloe vera to combat the effect of cold.

Special for acne

Aloe contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties special for drying up acne and reducing facial swelling. 

How do you use aloe vera on your face?

I have explained all the useful properties of aloe vera, how it works on your face, and it is fascinating. Now I will explain to you how to apply this excellent plant on your face to show it off. Direct application of aloe vera. Now I will tell you how to use aloe vera on your face - step by step.

  • Extract the pulp. You have to extract the internal pulp from the plant; it is a substance with a gelatinous and transparent texture. 
  • Remove the yellow part. The second thing you must do is remove the excess oil from the leaf; it is yellowish. You must remove it well because it can irritate your skin. 
  • Apply the pulp to your face. The third thing you should do is to have clean and dry skin. Then you will spread the pulp that you extracted from the plant all over your face where you have damaged areas. Apply it, for example, where you have acne, pimples, or an irritated area.
  • Let your skin absorb its properties. The fourth thing you should do is let your skin absorb the liquid of the pulp well. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, and then remove the remains with a lot of water.

Remember always to use sunscreen.

Sunscreen is vital for your face. It would be best if you used it daily since the sun's rays are the leading cause of pimples, spots, even acne. Sunscreen can help you considerably to keep your skin younger and softer.


In short, you must take into account what are the main reasons that harm your skin, and you must avoid them as much as possible. After avoiding what is causing the damage to your skin, you should follow a series of steps such as exfoliating your face, washing it well, and applying moisturizing creams, macadamia oils, which help regenerate your skin and eliminate dead cells. Learn how to use these tips correctly, and you will see how to improve your face's appearance.