How to be more elegant? The best strategies and tips for men!

Traditionally, people have always thought that only women were interested in looking good. It is believed that men rarely think about being stylish and elegant, or that we care little about which clothes might fit better. Well, they are wrong. Men almost always ask themselves, “How do I become more elegant?” Next, I will share with you everything I know on this subject:

Having a stylish or classy look means that, when people look at you, they see how your clothes accentuate your figure, features, and personality. At the same time, you have a modest style; nothing outlandish, always timeless, and showcasing your good taste by highlighting every area of your physique.

Some men do not give importance to clothing, but I believe we must provide it with the attention it deserves. 

For both sexes, it is essential to always be in alignment with the occasion. Can you imagine going to an important work meeting with just a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, or going to a gala party with a simple t-shirt and sneakers?

It would be a total disaster, and you would be the target of everyone’s jokes. That’s why I’m telling you how to be a much more elegant man, so you can always present yourself according to the occasion.

But first, you must know:

What is elegance?

If you want to know how to be more elegant, the first step is to know what elegance is. 

We use the word elegance to indication distinctive style, good taste, and dressing well. 

Elegance is a complex misture. It has to do with movement, with clothing, and with your personality. Elegance is a way of being. These are the things that make us say that a person is elegant.

We could say that being elegant is based a lot on always knowing how to choose the best option. We can classify elegance into two types: 

External elegance 

External elegance is essential, since it highlights our education and polite manners. It includes:

  • How we express ourselves before people
  • Our body language
  • How polite we are
  • The way we dress
  • Our smell
  • Our overall image

In short, external elegance is seen when we visit a place and interact with other people. 

Inner elegance 

In my opinion, this is the most important type, because it is linked to a person’s tastes, discretion and serenity, among other things. This type of elegance is essential, since you don’t achieve anything by dressing and smelling good while you are a scandalous and ill-mannered man.

With these qualifications, we understand that, to be elegant, one does not need to be rich. 

To be elegant, you only need to behave politely, have good personal hygiene, exude simplicity and use discretion. These characteristics do not require lots of money. 

You can’t be a classy man by merely having a slick wardrobe. Elegance is not just about having good looks.

Why is it essential to be an elegant man?

You may ask yourself why it’s essential to be an elegant man, and you don’t see the point. The truth is that it’s necessary. 

You must understand that elegance is based on actions. You have to be elegant from how you speak to the way you walk. Everything has an influence on how others perceive you; everything being in harmony makes you a man with class.

How can I be more elegant and classy?

How to be more elegant and classy

Elegance is not something that we can achieve overnight. It depends on your sincerity and dedication; You need patience and proper education to enhance your persona. Therefore, I will give you the roadmap to become an elegant and classy man:

Always take care of your looks

An elegant man always takes care of his appearance. Not only the way you dress, but you must curate your entire image. Try to always keep your composure in tricky or uncomfortable situations, without making any extreme expressions with your face. Train yourself to stay relaxed in any scenario.

Feel comfortable with yourself

An elegant man does not obsess over his body. It would be best if you accepted yourself as you are. After all, your body is not the primary weapon you use to get the things you want. You have to love it, whether it’s perfect or not. At the same time, you have to take care of it more than anything else.

Dress correctly every time 

An elegant man clearly knows how to dress well, and he always knows what to wear for every occasion. Your style should not be governed by things that are in fashion fads or clichés. An elegant man knows what suits his body and takes advantage of that.

Wear clothes according to the event you’re attending, and choose the best clothes for each occasion. If you’re well-coordinated, you’ll always look great and neat from head to toe. 

Respect yourself

An elegant man always respects himself, pays attention to his wants and needs, takes care of himself, and knows his body and mind. 

He understands well his shortcomings, and always uses them to push himself to improve. You have to take advantage of your weaknesses and turn them into virtues.  

Still, it is fundamental to accept yourself as you are, and believe in the great man that you are. If you love yourself, other people will too. 

You have then understood why it is important to be an elegant man, and the things that indicate elegance. Now, I’m going to detail the habits that distinguish such a man from all others. 

All people have different habits but, to become a much more chic man, you must implement the things I will explain to you. Remember that being an elegant man is not only external work, but it is also internal work.

Invest in yourself

When I talk about investing in you, I don’t necessarily mean buying expensive things. But, it is vital to purchase quality garments, even if they are few in number. These clothes will help you look better, and make you feel more confident.

If you don’t already have a nice suit in your closet, that is the first investment you should make. Stylish dress clothes are always ideal, and make you look very elegant.

Have confidence in yourself

Trusting yourself is of extreme importance, whether you want to be elegant or not. It is a fundamental part of a man’s life. No matter what you’re wearing, if you trust yourself, others will notice it immediately and you will look much better in their eyes. 

Know that a stylish man occasionally sacrifices a little comfort to look better. Strive to find the right balance between comfort and elegance, so you can convey confidence through your wardrobe.

Look for simplicity 

A man who prioritizes elegance always remembers that less is more, much more. Many times, a simple white shirt can give you the elegance you are looking for. They are a necessary piece of style. 

Also keep in mind that quality is better than quantity, so maintain your clothes in good condition to look better.

Find your ideal clothing size

This point is critical, since it is a must that your clothes are properly fitted. All the clothes you buy and wear should be your exact size.

Take care of your presentation

I don’t want to tell you to exercise and become a bodybuilder. It is not necessary to do excessive exercises, but rather you must pay attention to the small details of your appearance.

When speaking of small details, I always refer to:

  • Smelling good
  • Having a neat look; a good haircut, groomed facial hair, and your whole appearance in general.

These small details will always make you look elegant as you project the best image.

How can I dress more elegant and classy?

You may think it’s impossible to dress in a way that makes you look more graceful than you actually are, but you can accomplish this. I’ll tell you what works for me.

If you want to have a more attractive and elegant look, you should wear colors like black, white, or navy blue. In short, it’s better to choose a neutral color that matches everything. Look for clothes that fit your body in a flattering way. This will give you an elegance and style that will attract attention.

What is the most stylish color for men?

I racked my brain researching until I found an article in the Business Insider. They interviewed the Indochinese fashion director, Tom Kearnan, who said the following (in summary)s:

The colors that make any man attractive are gray and blue; these are the tonalities that every man should have in his closet. The grays and blues match with everything. They are “chameleon colors” that match any shoe, shirt, tie, or fashion accessory we want to wear.

Reading this was a turning point in my style, especially when I wear a suit.

What is the most attractive color on a man?

scientific study published on PsycNet revealed that the color red makes you look more attractive to women. This study published concludes that the color red is more attractive to both women and men, although the reasons why this color tone attracts each sex is different.

Tips to be more elegant

Tips to be more elegant

Cultivate your mind and be authentic 

Remember that elegance is not always what you wear. Take into account how you behave, how you talk, how you react to situations, and, above all, how genuine your personality is. Use your essence; let it always be your advantage.

As hard as it may be for you to believe this, I will tell you that you really know much more than you think you do. Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves. Still, I recommend that you read more; if you cultivate your mind, you can be even more authentic. 

Try to stay in shape

You don’t need to have a muscular body, but it’s always good to stay in shape and look your best. If you look good, you will have more confidence in yourself.

Dress correctly

When I say to dress up, I don’t mean buying brands or expensive stuff. Dress according to your age and body type. Learn to choose the right sizes and cuts, and look for the colors and fabrics that suit you best.

The goal is that you learn to dress for the occasion. It is essential that you do not become obsessed with looking extremely good physically. Sometimes, those who don’t seem to make any effort still look better.

Another little tip: buy a full-length mirror. This way, you will see more details, and you will know clearly if you have that elegant look you are seeking. A full-body view from head to toe will help reduce any risk of style errors.

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Wisely buy your clothes

You must know how to buy intelligently—the most suitable clothes and the ones that fit you best. You can buy basic clothes and still look incredible. 

If you don’t have a big budget, go to quality stores with sales or discounts.

Also, remember that often times expensive shoes are cheaply made. Always look for something that fits your budget, but is of a good quality.

Finally, keep in mind that dark blue and black clothes stylize the figure best.

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Always keep a white shirt in your closet

This is undoubtedly the best style tip. White shirts are the best item you can have in your closet, because it is a very versatile garment. They can be useful on any occasion, and will help you to complete any outfit. 

Remember that simplicity is a sign of elegance. You don’t always need to overdo it and be extravagant to stand out. The best thing about this tip is that you probably already have a white shirt in your closet.

Never forget to take care of your hair and smell good

This tip is crucial, because you can’t dress incredibly well, elegant, sophisticated, yet your hair is terrible; or, you have a nasty smell.

Remember that women notice the man who has a good smell. The smell of men’s perfume captivates women. They will be at your feet seeking your attention if you look elegant, with great hair and, above all, a pleasant smell.


In short, you must define for yourself what elegance is and why it is so important. You must know that not only is external elegance important, but you must also embody it on the inside.

Elegant men are always self-confident, seek to look good at all times, are neat, trust in themselves, and make their defects look like virtues.

You should always bring out the best in yourself, keep a positive mind, and be very strategic with your appearance.

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