How to look thinner male, 19 Tips you need to know

Being overweight is a problem that affects many men. I myself suffered from it, and that led me to answers related to how to look thinner. Exercise is important too, but that is a longer-term solution. Many men hate that annoying belly they’ve grown or those extra pounds in other parts of the body. In many cultures, being fat is synonymous with being unattractive. 

After a lot of research, that is what I have learned:

If you want to look thinner, the most important thing is to change the way you dress. You should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight because it will enhance your overweight condition. Also, avoid clothes with large prints, and wear dark colors and/or vertical stripes—this trims your figure.

Below are more effective ways to look thinner. We will show you some style tips on the way you dress, the colors and haircuts you should use, and what fashion choices to avoid.

How to look thinner?

What kind of clothes make a man look thinner? How you dress is essential if you want to look slimmer and more attractive. You don’t have to break the bank or get rid of your entire wardrobe to accomplish this, though. In the next sections, were going to give you 19 dressing tips that will give you that trimmed down look you desire.

Wear only vertical stripes.

Use vertical stripes to look thinner

If you choose to wear clothes with prints and patterns of different colors, you will likely look more large. Ideally, if you opt for these elements, you should wear vertical stripes. Garments with vertical lines will make you look more stylish and lengthen your body. 

On the other hand, horizontal stripes will appear to compress your body.

Ditch the skinny-fit clothes.

Tighter clothing accentuates the rounder parts of your body, so avoid skinny fits and instead use slim fit cuts. These clothes highlight your figure without being overly tight, and you won’t add more volume to your appearance. As you lose weight in the future, the slim fit clothes you own will still fit nicely.

Hats and caps.

Do not wear hats or caps that are too big, because they will make your head look smaller. There’s nothing worse than looking like you have a small head and an oversized, overweight body. What I recommend is to forget about this type of clothing altogether, unless you need a hat for the cold weather. 

Empty your pockets. 

Only keep necessary items in your pockets. Stuffed pockets can make your body look lumpy and bulky. Avoid the following items in the pockets of your clothes when possible: wallets, pens, handkerchiefs, keys, lighters, knives, watches, chewing gum, etc.

If you want to look more stylish, use suitcases, handbags, or a backpack.

Use dark colors.

Dark colors cause an optical effect that hides roundness and the curves that appear when we gain weight. On the contrary, lighter colors eliminate this visual effect and accentuate the weight you’re trying to hide. Blacks, greys, browns, blues and greens are all widely available clothing colors that are stylish and affordable.

Use a single color look.

Using the same color throughout your outfit (the darker, the better) helps to hide differences between the size of your torso and legs. This way, you will give the appearance of a longer and thinner figure. Style recommendation: to complete this effect, use socks of the same or a similar color as your pants.

The only print you will use is the vertical lines.

This type of stripe pattern gives your look a sense of verticality, by which you will look thinner. If you use horizontal lines, checks or other similar patterns, you will cause your figure to widen both in the upper body and lower body. Your will also look wider from the side vantage point, especially if you wear large print garments.

Wear garments with a slim fit. 

Just as baggy clothes add volume to your figure, clothes that are too tight or skinny will also make your roundness more visible. It is false that these clothes compress our bodies. What they do is accentuate it more. The ideal is to choose a slim fit because they are narrow cuts that mark the silhouette without constricting it and, at the same time, do not add volume.

Lengthen your jackets a little.

If you wear a casual jacket that stops at your hips, you’ll create a squaring effect at your upper body that will make you look more heavy. To avoid this, choose a coat that falls a little below the hips; roughly 1 to 3 centimeters below.

If you are wearing a jacket, it should fall below the butt, making sure it closes between the navel and sternum. This way, you will cut your chest and the waist volume, creating a balance in your figure.

Choose high pull pants.

These type of pants fall just below the navel. If you wear pants that fall far below or rise above the navel, you’ll highlight your belly. Additionally, pick up the bottoms of your pants until they just barely meet the tops of your shoes.

Choose a tapered fit style for your pants—a variant of the slim fit—where the waist and thigh areas are wider, while narrowing from the knee. These type of pants slim down at the bottom, giving visibility to the shoes. Straight cuts make the shoes almost disappear, due to the fabric column falling straight from the hip. This gives more volume to your figure.

Wear a belt

The belt is a great accessory that stylizes your figure, so choose wider ones and put them at the waist. When you do this, you differentiate the upper and lower body, creating a more stylized figure.

When men carry a few extra pounds, they make a mistake by not wearing a belt. If you wear a pair of pants that are your size without using the belt, they will sag down below your belly, and you will expose your love handles . 

Therefore, wear a pair of pants that hold to the waist with a good belt. With this simple trick, you will look slimmer.

Contrast your clothes’ sizes. 

Wear garments of varying sizes. An example of this approach would be slim pants combined with a blazer. The blazer will hide the most prominent part of your body, your belly.

A slim fit jean stylizes your figure, even if you are heavy. The key to this style is to know whether you want to hide your abdomen or your legs. Choose slim fit to hide the abdomen, and a straight cut to conceal the legs.

Avoid striped pants. 

When you wear pants with folds or stripes, you’ll add volume to your waist and look fatter. We don’t want that. To give the impression of a thinner waist, and to disguise the parts of your figure you dislike, choose straight cuts without folds. This will trim pounds off your appearance.

Choose clothes in your size.

It’s essential to wear clothes that fit you so that you look slimmer. If you wear clothes tighter than usual, you will see that the parts that stick out will be more noticeable.

If, on the other hand, you wear clothes that are wider than usual, instead of hiding your weight, you will get a broader figure.

Try wearing your shirt untucked.

how to look thinner, wear your shirt out of your pants

If you are going to choose a casual style, keep in mind that you must button up any shirt you will wear untucked. You can leave the top one or two buttons unbuttoned, and this creates another stylish and casual effect.

Also, avoid wearing a sweater or jacket with an elastic bottom over your shirt. This will make it look like you have even more belly than you really do.

Avoid bulky overcoats and sweaters.

Choose garments that are made of cotton or linen fabrics, as well as getting them tailored to your body size. If you wear giant scarves, they will make your figure appear more compressed and heavier. You will look much shorter and fatter than you are. 

This rule also applies to coats or sweaters that are very loose and bulky. Try to avoid fabrics like velvet, corduroy, or very thick wool when choosing a coat or sweater.

Wear jackets with 1 or 2 buttons.

Currently, some suits and sportscoats are designed to be fully buttoned up. If you’re heavy, this will not suit you. If your waist has gotten bigger, we recommend you to choose a coat with only one or two buttons.

This type of jacket will form a larger inverted triangle that shows your shirt over the top button. This way, you will keep the attention away from your belly, and on more desirable parts.

Minimize contrasts.

Make sure that the colors in your upper body and lower body are not too different. Avoid white and black together, or red and brown. Dark, complementary colors are ideal. An example to use is a black t-shirt with dark gray pants. With this combination, you will look more slim and taller.

Shirts and T-shirts.

Avoid wearing horizontal and/or large prints. Also avoid V-necks and turtlenecks. These clothes will make you look fatter and shorter. Ideally, you should wear one color, the same color, and preferably a dark tone in a straight cut.

A detail that reduces your height and makes you look heavier is short sleeves, so try to use full sleeves. Remember, try to make them not too loose nor too tight.

What are the colors that make you look thinner?

Some lighter colors and textures in clothing can add weight, but other colors are amazing at making you look thinner. Not only can black do this for you, but other dark tones will make you look slimmer. Thanks to these darker shades, the shadows that they reflect cause the roundness of your body to be hidden, since they are not as noticeable in the dark. Some colors that are beneficial for your style and appearance are:


Colors to look thinner

If your problem is how to hide those extra pounds, then the quick solution is to wear black clothes. Black is elegant and practical, and it stylizes and refines the figure. Mostly, black is worn at night, although the daytime hours are also okay. Tip: avoid a completely black outfit in the daytime.

Dark green 

You will get an effect similar to black by dressing in dark green, but without the risk of looking dull. If you choose a “total look,” you will appear much thinner. An example of this look could be wearing dark jeans and a dark green sweater. Dark greens are great in the fall and winter months.


Another trick for hiding those extra pounds is to choose a single color for your outfit. If you put on pants and a shirt with the same color tone, you will look much more stylish than overdoing it with too many colors.

Navy blue

Navy blue is a classic color that will make you look more elegant yet masculine. In addition, you will notice it makes you look like you’ve lost weight.

How can I cut my hair for a thinner look?

Some types of haircuts create a visually slimming effect on male facial features. These cuts are ideal for face shapes that are round or oval-shaped. 

Get a haircut with shaved sides.

If you want to hide features that make you look heavier, we recommend getting a haircut with shaved sides. This type of cut helps you eliminate the chubbiness that makes your face look wider. As a common and straightforward cut, this is a good option.

Create volume at the top of your head

Another type of slimming haircut would be one that leaves the volume is at the top or front of the head. The visibility of the hairstyle would be mainly at that point, drawing attention away from other areas of the face.

Choose hairstyles that give volume to your hair in an upwards or vertical direction, and not sideways.

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Dont leave your hair at a length below your collarbone.

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to wear your hair short. But, if you choose a cut that reaches your collarbone, or is slightly above it, this will achieve some slimming effects. Again, this is optional. If you have long hair, you don’t have to cut it. Rather, try to style it in ways that keep it from being below the collarbone.

How style a beard to look thinner?

You can also groom your beard to match your hairstyle. For rounder faces, remove some of the hair in your cheek area—the smaller the beard, the better. 

Also, if your face is square-shaped and the features are more defined, do not emphasize your beard in the cheekbone area. It should be more focused in the chin area. On oval-shaped faces, the beard should be a little higher and straight to make its length more visible.

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Fashion mistakes that make you look heavier.

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothes, especially on your shoulders.
  • Pants with tweezers.
  • Clothing with horizontal stripes, checks, or large prints.
  • Wearing wide shoes.
  • Wearing Italian-collared shirts. They widen your face and neck.
  • Wide ties with a Windsor knot (this knot has a thicker shape), which add more volume to your face, cheeks, and jowls.
  • Round neck shirts.
  • Haircuts with too much volume on the sides.
  • Lighter-colored garments that highlight the protrusions of your body.

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By paying attention to all the tips we have shared with you throughout this article, you will achieve a more slender appearance by changing your fashion style.

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