How can I get a ‘tough catch’ girl to fall in love with me? 5 Tips!

How to make fall in love a tough girl

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How do you make a girl playing “hard to get” fall in love with you?  For many men, this is a common problem, since women can be difficult to understand. It’s not an easy task, but after much experience and research, here is what I know about winning this type of woman’s love:

To make a tough catch fall in love, you must make her feel special. According to psychologist Dianne Grande, your first step must be actively listening to what she says; paying attention to her interests and needs. Also, share your thoughts with her without fear; you must make her feel unique.

Sometimes women send signals indicating whether they want something more serious with you or not.

It could be that you easily understand the signal sent that she doesn’t want anything serious with you, but that doesn’t stop you; you are in love. Some men even say that there are no difficult women, rather only men who don’t know how to win them over.

If you agree with the latter, this will be the perfect article for you. Below, I will talk to you about many things needed to woo a woman who initially doesn’t want anything serious.

  1. How to know if a girl is not interested in you
  2. How to win a difficult woman’s heart
  3. Conclusion

How to know if a girl is not interested in you

How to know if a girl is not interested in you

How do you know that a woman doesn’t want anything to do with you? Some men may be blinded to the point that they never recognize female disinterest because they like the woman that much. But, if you can understand whether or not she wants something with you, here’s how to decipher her signs:

You can notice that a woman has no interest in you if, for example, something always comes up at the last minute which prevents her from seeing you. Also, she may make excuses for not being intimate, or she doesn’t want to talk about the future with you. These are evident signs that a girl does not want to be with you.

When we do manage to make a woman fall in love, we realize this through many signs: 

  • We feel that she loves us.
  • She takes us into account when making decisions.
  • We are an essential part of her life.
  • She looks out for our wellbeing.
  • She does not underestimate us, among other things.

But, when she’s not in love, nor does want anything to do with you, you can also notice it from several signs. Now, I will tell you the most relevant indicators that you should take into account.

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She is not interested in seeing you in person

You must notice if she is not interested in seeing you, that she does not feel the need to, or that she only talks to you through social media. Usually, when a woman doesn’t want anything serious, she exclusively communicates through WhatsApp, Facebook or a similar platform. 

She won’t care whether she sees you every month or never sees you. If she doesn’t want a relationship with you, she won’t find any time to spend with you. If she is not interested in you, there is no way she will cancel plans with her friends to give you even 5 minutes of her valuable time.

She makes plans at the last minute, or appears and then suddenly disappears

When women don’t want anything serious in a relationship, they may have a so much free time one day, and then suddenly you don’t hear from them anymore. It’s an obvious warning sign. If she doesn’t give you an suitable explanation, that’s because she doesn’t care much at all about what you think.

When you are in a relationship, you look to spend time with that person as much as possible. You must keep in mind that, if she is always looking for you at the last minute, this is because you are nothing more and nothing less than her Plan B.

There is always an excuse or a reason not to be intimate

Here we have one of the biggest red flags of all. Usually, if the woman doesn’t want to be with you, she will make excuses for every little thing:

  • If she is invited to come to see you, she says she can’t cancel some other plan.
  • If she is could kiss you, she says she can’t do it there in that place, or at that moment, for many illogical reasons.
  • She’ll even make excuses not to be intimate with you. She will always give you a ‘no’ for everything. No matter how much you insist, you will not achieve anything with her. 

She doesn’t want anything serious, just to enjoy the moment

For many men, this setup would be fantastic, since we often have not wanted any ties or serious relationships at various stages of our lives. You may think this is an arrangement in your favor, but it is not. She doesn’t want anything serious, and it is because of two things.

She wants you, but only in bed. That is a ride that you may enjoy, but it is a clear sign that she only sees you as a means to fulfill her fantasies. If this is the case, you will notice that, whenever you talk about sex, she will always be interested in the conversation.

Secondly, she looks for you only when she has no one else. When she has no one to go out with, no one else to see, no one to even talk to, that’s when she calls you.

She never treats you affectionately 

You may notice that whenever you see each other—or even when interacting on social networks—you are the one who shows the most affection. Also, you are the one who is always looking to kiss or hug her. You may consider that she doesn’t love you if she hates you being affectionate in public. That is the most obvious sign that something is wrong.

She doesn’t want to meet you in public

By public places, I mean that you are never even invited to walk in the park with her; you may only get asked to accompany her to a dinner party. 

If a girl doesn’t want to see you in a place where she comes across many familiar people, it’s because she doesn’t want to be linked to you in their eyes. That can be because she doesn’t want anything serious with you, or because she is in another relationship. If the latter is the case, she will not want to be seen out with you in any way.

She is not interested in talking about the future

This sign is easy to notice. The woman flatly refuses to meet your family, and does not want you to meet hers either. If you invite her to your home, she will always find an excuse not to come. She is not interested in having a relationship that can tie her down, and she does not want a future with you. 

When you try to talk to her about the future, she probably won’t want to, which is very important to notice. When you are in love, you imagine yourself with that person for the rest of your life. But, when we are not interested in a person like that—or think we won’t get very far in a relationship—we don’t even take the time to think about what will happen tomorrow. 

It’s possible that, while you are in your head playing out a thrilling love movie with her in the starring role, she’s just thinking about today’s date.

She behaves like a single, free girl with no ties

This is another obvious sign. A woman may not want anything serious with you; she’s only interested in what you can provide. 

You may notice that whatever happens in her life is much more important than you. Whether it’s friends, family, her job, school, or whatever; everything will always come before you.

When a girl is interested in you, she puts you in the forefront, focuses on pleasing you, and does not put you as the last option. She will prioritize everything related to you; she will be interested in those things that happen in the world around you.

Now you know the clear signs that she doesn’t want anything serious with you. If you still want to move forward with that woman—whether you are truly in love or out for a challenge—I will help you win her over.

You must know that getting a woman interested in you is not easy. Imagine how difficult it will be to make her fall in love with you when she is not currently interested in you. Achieving something as precious as a woman’s love is difficult, but nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it.

How to win a difficult woman’s heart

How to make a difficult woman fall for you

Do you want to know how to make that girl you like to fall in love with you? How can you impress a tough girl? Well, here begins our instruction on what you have to do to win over a girl who does not want anything serious.

The shortest route to the love of a difficult woman who doesn’t show much interest in you is making her feel valued, paramount and unique. Don’t wait for a special occasion to approach her and show her that she is different from all other women. This will change her attitude towards you little by little.

I will now explain to you in more detail what you have to do.

Be clear about the main reason why you want to have this girl

Reflect on the main reason why this girl attracts you. Think about the reason why you are willing to do anything to win her love. One of the reasons why she doesn’t want anything serious may be that your interest appears only superficial.

Maybe she’s afraid you only want her in your life because she’s sexy, and you’re only attracted to her looks. If she feels this, you will never get her heart.  

In short, we could say that the first step is: DEFINE YOUR INTEREST.

You must let her know that it is not only her physique that attracts you, but the endless number of qualities that you see and admire in her. Show her that you want to be by her side because she is a wonderful woman.

Become a more attractive man

This is undoubtedly one of the best techniques for getting a girl to come closer to you. You’ll need to become more attractive in both your appearance and your behavior. By doing this, you will not only look more appealing to her, but you will be more attractive to other women, and you will gain self-confidence.

By improving your appearance, you show that you care about yourself. For example, have good oral hygiene and perfume yourself, even if that girl is not around. These little things will undoubtedly make you stand out.

So, the second piece of advice is: CALL HER ATTENTION TO YOU. The best way to achieve this is to have confidence in yourself at all times. Also, even though you know she doesn’t want anything serious, you will persuade her to reconsider love without forcing her.

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Try to talk to her as much as you can

Communication is essential. Even if the woman doesn’t seem interested in you, you should try talking to her. Talk so that you let her know that you exist. You start by trying to establish a relationship of friendship. 

Achieving this friendship is done without appearing too insistent or aggressive. Ask that girl questions about herself, about things she likes, or raise a topic you are both interested in. Talk about the weather or food—whatever you want—but, please, avoid politics, religion, and past relationships. These are never good topics for the early stages.

We can say that the third advice is: INTERESTING CONVERSATION AND, OF COURSE, BE YOURSELF.

You don’t have to worry, the idea is to be as natural as possible. Do not try to change your interests to please her.

Try to play hard-to-get for her attention 

One way to easily scare off a girl is to appear too needy or desperate. If you see that you don’t get anything by getting too close to her, she may just want some space.

Try to give her that space, pull other girls in, and play hard to get. Chances are, when she sees that you don’t have as much interest in her, she will start paying more attention to you.

But, playing hard to get goes hand-in-hand with AVOIDING POWER STRUGGLES AND BEING MORE DIRECT. 

Women like to be right as much as men do. Good advice is not to try to conquer or dominate her. The relationship must always be equal; the best situation is when both partners contribute their full selves.

Tell her about your feelings. You may tell her that you don’t want to invade her life and make a drastic change. But, also tell her that you wish to be with her. Tell her you both are going in the same direction, and you want her to see you as a support. 

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You must be a mature man

She needs to know that you want to be with her because of love, and not out of pure lust. She needs to know that, if she decides to give you a chance, you are entirely committed to the relationship with her. Finally, she must feel that you have no insecurities of any kind.

You must be mature and know what to do if she decides not to give you a chance. Believe me, your life will not end here. This is not the end of the world; she’s just a woman. Every end is a new beginning, and better opportunities will come.

If things don’t work, it’s not the end of the universe. Everything difficult will pass, no matter how hard the pain is. It will not last forever.


In short, you must recognize the signals transmitted by the girl you are pursuing. Pay close attention. See how she is, so you can focus on more things to woo her. You will then be able decide whether you want to continue with this challenging mission.

Finally, I want to tell you to follow the advice I gave you, but you must really emphasize being mature. Remember that a woman does not want a child; she is always looking for a man who knows very well what she wants out of life.