What makes a real man in a relationship?

What makes a real man in a relationship? Today, it feels increasingly challenging to meet women’s expectations. Many men think it is too complicated to know what women want or need, nor do they feel like they’re man enough to live up to them.

But in reality, it is not so difficult to satisfy women. I think that sometimes the greatest obstacle to our success is in our minds. Our brain creates fears that we cannot leave behind. It makes us think foolish things, many things that most women don’t even believe. So, what does it truly mean to be a real man?

To be a real man, and for a woman to consider him as such, many things are needed. The great majority of these qualities, if not all of them, are intangible. That is why you prioritize being a real man in your own world before focusing on being the alpha male for a woman. Women don’t look for childness in their partners, and that’s the truth.

I’ve given you some clues here, and now I’m going to go deeper into the subject to help you be the man you want to be.

How to be a real man in a relationship

How to be a real man in a relationship

The first step is to know if you are willing to work to become a real man, because mature women are uninterested in having more children in their lives. By children, we mean a man whose actions don’t match their words, nor their age. 

Next, I will tell you 10 qualities to check for if you are a real man.

You have to see beyond her physique 

The first is that a real man sees in a woman for more than just a pretty physique.

That is a crucial step, since immature men today only look for a beautiful body and face. A sexy body is the only thing that matters to them.

I recommend that you avoid complimenting a woman’s body; this is totally out of line, and usually not even necessary. 

A man who is already mature, one women consider a real man, is one who:

  • sees beyond a beautiful physique;
  • values her personality, her way of being, her intelligence, and her goodness;
  • and feels attracted to her character in general. 

Don’t be intimidated by her achievements

The second thing is that a real man will not be intimidated by a woman having goals and objectives independent of him. Rather, you should celebrate her achievements as if they were your own.

That is of the utmost importance. You can’t make your girl feel bad just because she achieves things in her personal life. A man who has goals will want to be with a woman who also has plans for her life. 

A true man will never feel intimidated or threatened by a woman with ambition. On the contrary, he seeks to establish a power couple. 

You must have your own life, with or without her

A real man has his own interests, apart from his girl. Ultimately, you have a life to live, with or without her). 

  • A woman wants a man who loves himself, and who lives his life. There is nothing negative about this trait. 
  • She must see that you have other interests (not in other girls, though), hobbies and aspirations.
  • She also has to realize that you have friends that you spend time with.

A real man does not make his life revolve around the girl he likes. If you do this, you will end up damaging the relationship; because you are not living your life, but rather living through her. 

You have to know how to handle every situation

The fourth trait is that a real man will be a source of answers and solutions. This point separates the men from the boys without a doubt.

A real man will not be flustered by an uncomfortable situation. He will take control of the problem, face it without fear, and lead his girl. 

What’s important to women is that a real man will not beat around the bush, nor use any excuse. A real man is consistent and confident, not a fearful child. 

You should not beat around the bush

The fifth point is related to the previous section. That is that a real man is direct; overthinking gives the impression of a lack of confidence.

There is a problem if you can’t be direct and talk straight to your girl. Typically, children are not straightforward, are insecure, and overthink issues.

A real man doesn’t play with women’s minds, and makes it clear that he wouldn’t manipulate others. He is one who goes straight to the point, and is honest yet always kind. 

You must trust her

The sixth point to keep in mind is that a real man will always trust his woman; trusting your partner makes you both grow.

A real man is the one that all the women are looking for. He trusts his partner, is sure of himself, and gives his all in the relationship. If the relationship fails, it will not be his fault. 

A real man doesn’t invade his partner’s privacy. He trusts her completely. The worst mistake you can make is to be paranoid, unsure of everything. It would be best if you showed her that you trusted her. After all, she is with you because she chose to be. 

Don’t be intimidated by problems

The seventh point you should be clear on is that real men are calm and relaxed. They do not complicate their lives with thorny issues and unnecessary problems.

You must be very clear that only immature people have an insecure personality and worry about everything. Insecure boys need to mark their territory in opposition to their partner, which makes most women uncomfortable. 

The reality is that women choose a man who makes them feel safe, and who makes them feel good.

A woman needs to know that, no matter how long she is gone, she has the security to quietly return to your arms. At the end of the night, she will be back by your side. 

A real man is sure of what he has in his partner, and he doesn’t need to go around screaming that this woman is his. 

You should always treat her with respect

The eighth point to consider is that a real man will always respect his partner. Women always want to be treated with respect.

Only immature guys do not know how to treat a woman as she deserves. Women deserve and always want a man who knows how to treat them with dignity. 

The men who get mature women are those who value them, treat them with respect and love, and never force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

You have to value your relationship with her

The ninth tip is that a real man will put a lot of effort into his relationship; you must give the necessary importance to the relationship for it to thrive.

This is what causes women to realize how manly and mature you are. It is usually the immature boys who are apathetic and only look for sex. When they get it, women’s personalities begin to lose importance. 

Real men, when they start a relationship, are looking for much more. They will do anything to see their partner happy, and they make her feel important. In and out of the bedroom, their partner is always important. The happiness of your girl is the greater satisfaction. 

You have to make her believe she’s even better than she thinks she is 

The tenth point is essential, and it’s that a real man will make his woman want to become the best version of herself, without changing her. A real man makes his partner want to improve for her, for him, for both of them.

You have to bring out the best in your partner. You have to love her sincerely. The best people will always make you feel that you can be significant too.

A man who loves his partner, his woman, is the one who always wants the best for her. He makes her better without forcing her to change what makes her unique; that’s being a real man. 

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What qualities should a real man have?

What qualities should a real man have?

Now you have understood actions that a real man takes, you can know if you are one. If not, you know what you have to do, and which way you have to go. Women also look for certain personality traits in a real man, and here I will tell you them. The qualities that women look for in real men are:


A woman looks for honesty in her man (but not too much, everything must have a limit).

The reality is that a woman does not want a man who lies about essential things, or for some petty reason. She wants honesty to be a fundamental pillar of their relationship, and lying would ruin that completely. 

A woman looks for honesty because she is interested in you. She wants to know things about your day, she wants to know more about your life before her, and she likes when you share interesting things about you.

Even if you think something is silly or annoying, tell her (gently), and process it with her. She wants you to feel like you can trust her, that she will always be there for you. 

Women want to avoid making their partner feel bad, or that they have to lie at some point. Lying without absolutely necessity is always a bad decision. It’s a mistake that will bring problems either in the short or long term.

Don’t lie to her, even if it’s in a trivial matter like you not liking her clothes. You should look for is to be sincere yet considerate with her. You must be honest, but without making her feel bad or inferior by being too direct or offensive. 


A woman looks for understanding in a man. She wants to be understood, not judged. A woman always looks for her man to know her better than anyone else, inside and out.

You must also keep in mind that she wants to know you in the same way. Two people are comfortable with one another when they both show their inner selves, and they still want to be together. 

The truth is that everyone wants someone who understands them, it’s a human need. Women want a man who knows who they are, so there won’t be any confusion later on as the relationship grows. Misunderstandings don’t do any good in any relationship. 

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A real man is always empathetic. He knows how to put himself in the other person’s shoes, shows compassion, and can love without shame. 

A real man that all women want feels love for his partner, for life, and for others. A woman girl wants an emotionally intelligent man, and she will not see a weakness in his being compassionate. She will see him as the best man in the world.


A real man shows loyalty. Women consider real men to be loyal to all things they love, but especially to his woman.

Even if your partner doesn’t have the best physique, the best personality, or isn’t going through the best time of her life, you are a loyal man and will stay by her side. Please don’t leave her alone over some inconveniences along the way. 

Be a protector

Women want a man who doesn’t make them feel lonely and helpless. For them, a real man is one who is always there to protect them. With a smile or a simple hug, he makes it seem that life is not so difficult, and their problems are not as big as they seem. A woman always looks for a protective man who is there for her in her worst moments. 

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In short, to be the real man that all women are looking for, you don’t just need to make a lot of money. You must be mature, honest, sincere, understanding, loyal, and loving.

You should not lie to look good, value the little things, and be sure of yourself. Finally, focus on improving your woman and bringing out the best in her. 

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