How can I grow out my hair without looking bad? 4 Tips

How can I grow out my hair without looking bad? If we look back to the 1930s or 1940s, men didn’t even consider having long hair; it was totally frowned upon. Today, that’s not the case. Every day, we see more and more men with long hair and other types of cuts. The modern man doesn’t object to putting highlights or reflections in his hair and thinks it looks fantastic. How can men grow and wear their hair long? Well, here’s how:

Even-cut hair is an excellent choice for boys and younger men. If they were to grow it out, it will be hard to have the discipline needed to control it, and it can quickly look messy. If you decide to grow your hair longer (i.e. a heavy metal look), you’ll have to take better care of it, and sometimes you’ll have to put it in a ponytail.

It doesn’t end there. Wearing long hair as a man requires a bit of courage and confidence. Even if such styles are accepted nowadays, many people still do not see a flowing mane as appropriate.

But, if you have that confidence and courage in you, read on to learn:

  • How to have long hair;
  • The ways to get it, and the different cuts you can get in it;
  • How to stop being predictable, and have a little more fun with your hair.

If you’re determined, this article is for you. I’ll explain how and what you should do to wear your hair long.

What does long hair mean for men?

You need to keep in mind the qualities and characteristics you need to wear long hair. 

Men who wear their hair long tend to stand out from the crowd. It is considered a trait of masculinity, leadership, wisdom, strength, health, and even a form of protection in many cultures.

Why do men wear their hair long?

Why do men wear long hair?

Men usually wear their hair long for two reasons:

  • Some wear it to avoid constantly going to the hairdresser. These guys are the type who don’t wear any particular intentional hairstyle, and just leave it long.
  • There is another type who wears long hair to look different, stand out from the crowd, and so they care about wearing it well.

You have to be very clear about why you want wear your hair long, and you, obviously, need to have an ample amount of hair. You must be very patient, as hair doesn’t grow out overnight.

Increasing your hair length has to be a long-term plan. It doesn’t happen in one day. This growth happens in phases; in fact, there will be many times while your hair is growing out that it won’t look pretty or elegant.

If you don’t like your appearance at this awkward stage, I recommend you wear a cap. My advice is, above all, to be confident and don’t let any outside comments affect you.  

What should I keep in mind before I grow my hair out?

It would be best if you kept in mind that wearing your hair long requires a lot of courage. A man who has long hair stands out in a crowd, attracting men and many women. If you don’t already, you will need to find a lot of confidence in yourself; you can’t be self-conscious about anything.

You should also bear in mind that not all men are made to wear long hair, so you should see what your case is. 

What do women think about men with long hair?

According to many surveys, women either love or hate men with long hair. Generally, bold and daring women are fascinated by men with long, well-groomed hair. A person with long hair shows commitment to their appearance, and women are attracted to committed and dedicated men.

Women who are attracted to men with long hair are often bold and daring. Men with long hair often stand out from the rest due to their unique appearance. Much research shows that people with outliers are attracted to others who also have outliers.

However, there are other types of women who are not so brash. That’s why they don’t get excited by the idea of being with a man who may have longer, silkier, prettier hair than they have. You should ignore this type of girl.

Consider the reaction caused in all the girls in the audience when the Aquaman movie came out. The main actor wears long, rebellious hair. Many of the women went crazy for him immediately, especially for the security and strength he shows. 

Long haircuts for men

There are lots of styles you can give your hair. Don’t let it grow out just because you’re lazy; always look for inspiration in styling. The type of long hair you choose can make all the difference. Here are the ones I think are the best:

Long, straight hairstyle (metal or hipster)

Metal or hipster, grow hair

This haircut is undoubtedly a great style, but you must have a lot of confidence to pull it off. You need to have a level of certainty that your hair will grow long enough.

When you wear this type of hairstyle, it usually attracts a lot of interest from women. This hairstyle also has its drawbacks; but, if you have fair hair, wash it and take good care of it, you will look very stylish and much more attractive. 

Men who wear their hair this way are often classified as metalheads or hipsters, depending on their clothing. So, if you’re one of them, show off your hair. 

This style is the best if you have straight or slightly wavy hair, but you should be aware that it needs a lot of maintenance. If you wear this hairstyle, you should wash your hair regularly and moisturize it properly. Having such long hair is a big responsibility. 

Lion’s mane style 

lions' mane haircut, how to grow out hair

This haircut is a type of style that we rarely see in daily life. To wear this haircut, you need a big personality, and your hair needs a lot of attention. 

This type of cut or look often seems a little sloppy to other people, but it takes a lot more maintenance than it seems. Consider carefully whether you want it. 

This cut is ideal for men who have curly, thick hair.

The volume that curly hair provides is what will help keep your hairstyle in order. This style is perfect for men with this type of hair.

But, if you’re the type of man who has only slightly wavy or straight hair, you should wear it blunt or perhaps in layers. These tricks will give you the volume you need to get that wild look. 

“Mun” style

"mun" style, how to grow your hair

The Mun style is ideal for men who want to wear their hair very long. 

To wear the “Mun” style, you must be very confident. This type of hairstyle is very disruptive. You can use it to make a chignon or a ponytail. 

This hairstyle used to be only for women, but, without a doubt, bows and pigtails look amazing on men choosing this style. 

If you’re going to pursue this look, you must keep your hair in perfect condition. It should be healthy, and look firm, lustrous, and shiny.

This haircut is based on growing your hair out as much as possible and styling it in different ways. The most common way is to wear a chignon (or sometimes a ponytail) in your hair.

If you decide on a ponytail, you should leave at least a few strands of hair down in the front so that you look better. 

Half mane hairstyle

half mane haircut, how to grow out your hair

The medium hairstyle is ideal for most men because of its versatility.

Men who wear this style always exude a unique charm. It’s best when combined with an amazingly full and neat beard. 

If you want to opt for this style, my best advice is to comb your hair sideways. Another tip is to make sure you don’t have too much hair; it’s best to keep the hair off your shoulders. This way, you’ll get a cut that’s unruly in the middle but stylish all at the same time.

For those men with slightly curly hair, this is a great hairstyle. These guys need to let the curls grow out a little, and you will display them perfectly. 

This look is best seen on the famous actor Johnny Depp, and it has carried him for many years. 

Backward Hairstyle

backwards long hair haircut

This haircut is a beautiful style that makes all men look very sexy and elegant.

The truth is that most men don’t use this style nowadays, but I say they should use it more often.

This style consists of letting your hair grow until it reaches under your ears. If you don’t comb it, you will have an unsuspecting and somewhat wild look. But, when you comb it back, you will have an elegant and undoubtedly sexy look.

You can see this style in the male main character of the Titanic film, Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor in the movie masters this style and looks fantastic.

How can you start to grow longer hair? 

Things you need to know if you want long hair:

Choose a good hairdresser

One of the first things you have to do is to choose a good hairdresser.

Without a doubt, this is one of the crucial things you should address. If you are growing your hair out for a specific cut, you need a hairdresser who knows about these cuts. This stylist should know everything about these male hairstyles.  

This point is so important because, when you want to leave your hair long, you have to shape it gradually. From the very first moment of your journey, you must give it the shape you want. You also need an expert to advise you on what you can use to make your hair healthier and more robust.

Be clear about the look you want

The second thing to keep in mind is a having good source of inspiration. You may wish to rock a long style, but have no idea how.

It’s best to search the web and magazines for the types of cuts and styles I’ve mentioned, or to scour social networks. Look for images you like, and evaluate which one you think will look best on you. 

When you define which one you want, the one that inspires you, take the photo with you to your hairdresser. Every time you go, show him or her what you want to make them clearly understand.  

Be realistic 

Here is the key. When you want to grow your hair out, you must be honest and realistic. Hair is not going to grow long overnight, ever. How much hair do you grow in a month? Keep in mind that getting your ideal look takes time.

According to many studies, hair tends to grow 1 cm a month (0.3 mm a day). According to this rate, hair grows an average of 12 cm a year. So, if you want to achieve that long mane, you should not lose hope or desire. Remember that the one who perseveres is the one who achieves, and the wait will pay off. 

Cut the ends very often

The best way to have long and healthy hair is to cut your hair and ends often.

You probably don’t understand this, but it makes sense. You won’t look good when you have long hair if you don’t cut the ends often.

Ideally, go to the hairdresser’s at least once a month to cut off those ends that are ugly, damaged, or dry. As the hair takes shape and looks healthier, you can slow down and cut it every couple of months.

Several studies say that, when you cut your hair’s ends, it tends to grow longer. 

Aside from cutting your hair frequently, remember to always keep it hydrated and clean.

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In short, to grow your hair long, you must have courage and confidence. That’s the most important thing. You also have to be very patient, as hair doesn’t grow that easily or quickly in reality.

There are several different hairstyles for men who want to have long hair. You have to choose the one that best suits your hair type and overall look.

It’s essential to have clear inspiration and a good hairdresser who knows what you want.

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