How to be cool in high school

How to be cool in high school? We all want to be cool at some point in our lives, particularly in school. You realize that today’s school isn’t just about learning or achieving good grades; it’s all about having fun and making friends. When it comes to learning, it is essential to give attention.

There’s also recess, before and after school sports, and co-curricular activities to include. School isn’t really a place where you go to get good grades and isolate yourself from the rest of the world; in reality, we spend more time in school and doing school-related activities than we do anywhere else.

So, how can you be cool at school?

how to be cool at school

Here are four hints that make others think you’re cool.

Being an outspoken individual

Primarily, you must be vocal; you cannot afford to be shy, and how you speak is critical; you must be confident. Your voice should be loud, and your voice levels should not be too high or too low. It’s important to keep speaking up among your friends. (1*)

Cultural Intelligence

Second, you must be culturally aware. Wearing stylish clothes and a modern hairstyle is preferable to being sloppy or old school. If you can, wear contact lenses, wear stylish braces if necessary, or dye your hair. If you have the urge to exercise, go ahead and do so. It is all up to you; most notably, you must look presentable.

Being wealthy

Third, you must be wealthy; this does not mean you must be filthy rich, but you must have enough money to sustain yourself. No offense to those of you who are struggling or who see yourself as being without cash most of the time since this is very necessary. I want to challenge you, regardless of your age, to solve the issue of poverty in your world.

You might be poor now, but you will not be poor in the future. So, how do you get around it? You must either work or set up a business. Use skill, creativity, and experience to come up with ways to make a good living for yourself.

Beneficial influence

It will have a good impact on others. You must excel in your studies at the very least, and you must also thrive on your talent. You must participate in athletics, sing, or dance for people to recognize you.

How to be cool in high school

Tips to be cool in high school

Make friends with the well-known

Making friends with famous kids at school is one way to be cool. This allows you to begin to be noticed by the cool, influential students at school. People will begin to recognize you as you begin to associate with the popular crowd.

Start with someone who has a lower level of popularity, then work your way up. It’s easier to gain entry to the group if you start with people on lower rungs. Furthermore, these less well-known individuals may be thrilled that you are paying much attention to them. Ensure to make someone’s day.

Do not pretend; that is in no way appropriate. You want to make real friends, not just strangers that will be forgotten. People will begin to think about you in that light if you make it a habit. You wouldn’t want to tarnish your name.

Make a lot of new friends

Don’t get so fixated on one famous clique that you neglect to make friends with others. Your school has a large number of students. Make an effort to be pleasant to all! The more people you meet and become friends with, the more famous and cool you can become.

It is always important to have a good first impression. Don’t pretend to hide who you really are; show who you are.

Make friends with students of both upper and lower classes. Make friends with people from various cliques. Get to meet the famous kids and speak to the soccer squad, the theatre group, and the rock band members.

Making a large number of friends will assist you in determining which party you want to join. Whether it’s the jocks, artists, famous young people, or the minds, joining a social community will make you feel like you belong. (2*)

Participate in Clubs

Joining clubs is one way to be popular and gain recognition. Choose clubs that you are interested in, such as student council or drama club. What clubs do well-known people regularly visit? If there are people you want to be friends with, consider joining their club.

Clubs will assist you in meeting new people. When you participate in club events such as theatre performances and student council votes, your name will become more well-known, and people will begin to recognize you, hence making you become cooler.

Joining a club that you would dislike to be friends with someone is not a good idea. You deserve to be a part of activities that you’ll love. People can see if you’re pretending to like something, so don’t be a drama queen.

Joining anything isn’t a good idea. You don’t want to overextend yourself or put on a show.

Be sincere and kind to everyone

Being cool does not imply being cruel or mean. People can be smiled at. Make contact with them. Be polite to people who aren’t as cool as you or who belong to different cliques. Make sure you enjoy the people you’re dating. Don’t date people for the sole purpose of gaining fame and then dumping them. People would like you if you are a sweet, genuine guy.

Have your values in mind

Don’t compromise your values in the name of being hip. Remember that you must deal with the consequences of your decisions. What you do in high school has an impact on your college acceptance and your career. Don’t give up on what you know is right just to seem cool.

Avoid making trouble

Don’t get yourself into any trouble. All cool kids know and when not to break the rules. Fighting, drinking, taking drugs, and being deliberately disrespectful to teachers are not ways to win cool points. Many famous and cool kids are simply the teacher’s pets. Since the teachers like them, they will get away with more in class.

Adapting to a cool attitude

Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, but don’t go overboard. It’s more about being yourself when it comes to being cool. Posers, wannabes, and impersonators are never cool. You deserve to stand out, be yourself, and pursue your own passions. However, when you’re obsessed with maintaining your composure, you don’t want to go overboard.

High school, especially in third grade, is not really generous to those who are so self-contained that they live in their own little world. That sort of thing should be saved for college.

Alleviate your confidence

Recognize the importance of confidence. Consider what most cool characters in cinema and television have in common: confidence in them is vital. They know they’re cool, they like themselves, and they don’t need other people’s approval to feel good about themselves. Trust allows you to avoid trying too hard, which is never a good thing. The majority of people lack confidence. Instead, they put on a show. Pretend in your confidence till you believe it.

Make good use of social media

Twitter and Instagram are two sites that will help you boost your cool factor. Don’t use Twitter to gossip about other people. 

Get the tweets fascinating and amusing instead. Be clever. Don’t overcrowd the newsfeed. Another perfect way to gain some cool points and boost your exposure is to use Instagram.

Follow people. Make sure they remember who you are by liking their pictures and following you along. However, make sure that the follower-to-follows ratio is roughly equal. You don’t want to be known as the person who follows others but never receives anything in return. People who fail to follow you back should be unfollowed.

Dress appropriately

Being cool does not imply adhering to any of the latest fashion trends. Take a glance back to see what the cool kids are doing instead. What are the current fashion trends at your school? Shop at the outlets frequented by the cool kids and try to mimic their style.

Don’t be a total fashion clone. Make the clothes your own by adding your own personal touch.

  • Wear whatever hats or shoes you choose, buy shirts in the colors you choose, and dress in ways that make you feel good. The trick to dressing well is to be at ease and confident in what you’re wearing.
  • Don’t overdo it with the clothes. Dress nicely. Incorporating too many fashion styles into one dress will result in a messy look. Instead, combine a single stylish piece with a simple outfit.
  • Maintain a healthy level of grooming. It’s not cool to be smelly, have dirty clothes, and not take care of yourself. You don’t have to be in flawless shape, but you definitely need to look after yourself. This means that your colleagues see the true version of you.
  • Shower on a daily basis. You should keep your body, as well as your hair and face, clean at all times. Clean your teeth every day before going to school. You should wear deodorant. Wearing too much cologne or perfume will make it harder for anyone to stand next to you. Use a simple cologne.

Know that less is better

Make an effort to keep a distance between yourself and others. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t engage in conversation with someone, listen attentively as they talk, or smile. It simply means be simple. Don’t ramble up to anyone. Maintain a calm attitude. Say hello by nodding your head and smiling. Less is better, as they say.

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