How to make myself look older when you have a babyface? 8 tips for men

How to look older than my age, man

How can I look older than my age? If it bothers you to be seen as immature, be asked for identification or age verification each time you’re out, be criticized for the way you dress, you are able to benefit from learning how to behave and look older. 

To make yourself appear older, concentrate on two aspects: your attire—leaving behind the youthful prints and logos—and the way you behave. You must act maturely when dealing with others and solving problems, so people will start treating you like an older man.

  1. Steps to look older
  2. How do you dress to look older? 
  3. How to seem more mature in a relationship
  4. Conclusion

Steps to look older

Grow a beard

Grow a beard if you want to look older

If your beard doesn't look full and masculine, start investing in it by using creams, brushes, foams, and a quality razor to get the perfect beard.

To keep the beard well cared for, let it grow to the desired length, cutting it approximately every three weeks. If you want it a little longer, trim it every four weeks. Always remember to fix the areas at the corner of the lips, the cheeks' contours, the neck, and control the beard’s overall volume. According to studies, a beard can make a man look 10 years older.

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Cover the acne

Having acne on your face will make you look younger. Use a concealer to cover your acne, so you can give your face a cleaner, more mature look.

Follow a healthy skincare regimen, wash your face with a suitable acne cleanser, and apply moisturizer. But, keep in mind that: 

  • If your skin is oily, the moisturizer should be oil-free. 
  • If your skin is dry, you should use a moisturizer that helps you fight dryness.

Develop your muscles

As your muscles develop, your body will look more mature. Concentrate mostly on the upper body to widen your shoulders and enlarge your arms. Use hand weights to build muscle, and also do push-ups and squats.

Treat your body like an adult should by exercising, running and drinking lots of water.

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Use cologne

A man who applies the right cologne will always appear more mature. Dedicate yourself to finding your ideal scent, and adapt it to your characteristics and the occasion. This way, you will never pass others unnoticed.

Take care of your hair

Uncombed, dirty, or dry hair always reflects ill on a man. To take good care of your ‘do, make sure you comb your hair well and regularly groom it.

Shave regularly

If you choose not to grow a beard, you should shave often. If you want to bring maturity to your face, shave only periodically. Finally, if you only have facial hair in some spots of the beard, mustache, or sideburn, it might be better to shave your whole face.

Use a mature-looking cut

How to make my hair appear more mature? Although no cut or hairstyle alone will make you look more mature, there are certainly things you can avoid so that you don't look so young. Stop doing things like dyeing your hair with intense colors, or choosing extreme hairstyles like a mohawk. Keep your hair short and neat, as long hair or other bold hairstyles will make you look younger.

Change your body language

Hunching is teenage behavior; always keep your head up and your back straight. Walk with confidence and maintain your posture when standing.

Try always to be upright, and correct your posture whenever you notice it is slumping. Keeping your head up shows confidence. Also, always look people in the eyes when you speak to them.

How do you dress to look older? 

How to wear to look older

Wear the right clothes

People distinguish you by the way you dress, and what you wear influences other people’s opinions about you. To look older, stop dressing like a teenager. When you go shopping for clothes, go to the adult clothing section. If you go to the youth/young men’s sections, there are just cheap clothes that make you look younger; like sporty styles, baseball caps, sweatpants, gym shorts, and tank tops. This type of clothing is widespread among young people. Instead, look for better quality clothing.

Instead of wearing baggy clothes, opt for clothes that fit your body better. Do not wear overly tight clothes though, because it will make you look younger and immature. Choose shirts according to your shoulder size—if they go beyond the end of your shoulder, they do not fit well.

Don't wear shirts with prints

A T-shirt with funny phrases, brand names and large logos will make you look younger. Instead, opt for something toned down, like striped shirts.

Dressing maturely shouldn't mean you're going to wear dull colors, however. Use some fun shades like yellow, orange or salmon. As an alternative to simple t-shirts, choose henley shirts or polo shirts.

Wear appropriate pants

Use quality jeans and good cuts, not those that are low or high waist. Buy straight-cut jeans, do not use faded or torn jeans, and opt for dark colors. Try to avoid pants with rhinestones or other accessories.

To look older, dress professionally using khaki pants, combined with a tucked-in T-shirt or polo shirt. Top it off with a leather belt and dress shoes.

Wear quality footwear

The footwear you are going to wear must be satisfactory. Do not wear slippers or flashy canvas shoes. Try black shoes, as they will go well with almost anything. Also, brown leather shoes are ideal for formalwear. If you don't want to wear boots, wear moccasins or shiny leather shoes for a mature look.

Wear a nice watch

A watch on your wrist speaks well of you and makes you look much more serious. When it comes to quality, that doesn't mean that it is expensive. But don’t be afraid to spend, because it is a good investment for your life.

Don't wear a backpack

When you go out, it will make you look younger. Use a messenger bag, or a leather briefcase.

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The right behavior for looking older

Behave like a gentleman

Something that distinguishes a child from an adult is the way they treat people. The gentleman is characterized by being respectful, attentive, charismatic, friendly and helpful whenever he can.

Master your behavior

When you make a mistake for any reason and blame someone else for justifying it, it can ruin your relationships. Acknowledge your guilt and take responsibility immediately after you make a mistake.

With this character, everyone will view you as an adult. Avoiding responsibility is a very childish trait.

Speak up without swearing

It is bizarre to see an older man saying crude things, so avoid foul language and keep it out of your vocabulary. Improve your speech, and you will look more mature and intelligent.

Think before you act

Before you act, you should think about the possible results of your words or actions. Acting impulsively can get you into trouble. Think about what you are going to do, then what may happen if you do it.

Don't take your emotions out on others

You have to have control over feelings of anger, disappointment, rage and frustration towards others. Saying bad words because you feel bad will not help you at all; it just shows your immaturity.

You have to find healthy ways to release and express your emotions, so that no one will see you as a loose cannon.

Develop social courtesy

Speak slowly and confidently, with a moderate tone of voice, and apply good manners, like saying please and thank you. Listen carefully to what others say. 

Learn to express yourself without dominating the conversation. Ask the people around you how they are doing, talk about the weather, ask about their family. Finally, when you engage in conversations with people, you should always be polite.

Complain less often

One trait that gives you an immature and selfish appearance is to be a complainer. As you mature, you accept the things that come and go, learning that everything happens for a reason. Stop worrying about problems in your life that you cannot control. Talk to your friends for advice, since seeking counsel from others is a sign of wisdom.

Stand up for yourself in a polite but firm way

To have maturity includes demanding respect. When someone disrespects you, you have to be direct and communicate your feelings. Don't use excessive sarcasm, or act in an offensive manner.

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How to seem more mature in a relationship

Strive in relationships

A mature man devotes more time to the woman he loves, realizes how important it is to solve domestic problems, and tries to reach an agreement/compromise for the sake of the relationship.

Leave the past in the past

You must leave your partner's past where it was, knowing that anyone has the right to have a history and change. You have to understand that the most important thing is what’s happening now.

Accept that there is no such thing as a perfect person

An older man is aware that the perfect person does not exist. He understands that good relationships can be built despite imperfections in the person he loves. 

He understands that people will not blindly conform to your expectations. The person you have at your side should not adjust to what you want him to do by force. It is impossible to compel a person to satisfy the expectation you had of them; each person is different.

Share your problems

Understand that trust and respect are essential to relationships. Share problems and concerns with your girlfriend or partner. For deep love to exist, it must be accompanied by friendship. Understand that you must be together in good and bad times, whether in marriage or any other partnered relationship.

Don't avoid problems

This point is what distinguishes an adult from a child. You must try to solve your problems or conflicts head-on.

You ignore them, because that won’t help. On the contrary, you must acknowledge the problem, even if you cannot solve it immediately. You have to prepare for the time when you will be able to solve it.

When you promise something, it has to be done

A grown man recognizes the value of his word. It is of the utmost importance. So when you promise something, try to keep that promise, unless you are prevented from doing so by some larger reason.

Avoid betrayal and infidelity

Polygamy is a myth that many immature men have, thinking that having several uncommitted relationships demonstrates masculinity. That is false. When you want to look older, you reject these stereotypes and value the relationship you have with your partner.

Be brave enough to acknowledge your mistakes

Recognizing your mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions' consequences are signs of maturity that everyone will appreciate.

Take care of your partner

True love is not built on promises to be together forever, or fairy tale serenades. Although this type of stuff is a form of love, an older man manifests these dreams along with consistent actions, such as asking her how she feels, hugging her and showing affection, and giving her love all the time.

Participate in household activities

Working on household chores without looking for excuses shows maturity and respect for your partner. An mature man does not hesitate to participate in these activities. 

Respect your partner's interests, even if you don't share them

Many times, the interests of others do not intrigue you. Even if this happens, do not criticize or discourage them. Try to realize that each person has their unique interests, and that you do not achieve anything by attacking their hobbies.

Avoid jealousy as much as possible

When you have a partner, you eliminate the feelings of possession that end love quickly. Instead, always trust your partner.

Take concern over the places you go

Learn that not all places are worth spending time at. A bar or club is not a perfect place to meet people. The best thing is to look for a woman in a place where you can get to know her better, like a calm place where people meet for hobbies or work. A mature man has this understood. 


After reading this article about how to look older, I think you will be very clear about how to achieve this. Apply all these tips in your life, and you will stop looking like a teenager.